We Tried Miller High Life's Dive Bar Ice Cream And We Have Thoughts

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Photo credit: Christine Siracusa & Delish
Photo credit: Christine Siracusa & Delish

We're in the middle of an ice cream renaissance—or the dark ages, depending on who you ask. Companies are bored with normal ice cream and are releasing wild flavors like strawberry tomato basil, deviled egg, and even mac and cheese.

The newest brand entering the bizarre ice cream arena is one we would have never expected: Miller High Life. The Champagne of Beers has long been a dive-bar staple, and their new collaboration with boozy creamery Tipsy Scoop tries to capture the dive-bar experience.

Their ice cream bars draw inspiration from a late night out. The ice cream itself is infused with actual Miller High Life and packs five percent ABV. They swirl in whole peanuts and caramel to represent the bar snack and the stickiness of dive-bar floors, respectively. The ice cream is also flavored with a hint of tobacco smoke to evoke that classic dive-bar aroma.

And that's just the ice cream in the center. Each bar is then dipped in dark chocolate and topped off with a sprinkling of Champagne-flavored popping candy. All in all, it's an homage to both a classic American institution and a classic American beer.

We had to pick up a box to see if they really capture that dingy bar spirit. And while all of the ingredients aren't exactly appetizing alone, the resulting combination is pretty great! It's by far one of the better wacky ice creams we've tried.

The notes we picked up on the most were the chocolate coating and the Miller High Life ice cream base. Initially, the taste of beer in our ice cream was a little off-putting, but as we ate more of the bar and got crunches of peanut and caramel it became more harmonious. To the relief of many of our tasters, the tobacco smoke was almost completely unnoticeable. Our favorite component of the Miller High Life x Tipsy Scoop Dive Bar was definitely the popping candy on the exterior. It didn't bring a lot of Champagne flavor but provided an exciting textural component.

If you want to taste a dive bar for yourself, Tipsy Scoop is selling them on their website for $6 each.

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