I Tried Every Flavor of Magic Spoon's Low-Carb, High-Protein Cereal So You Don't Have To

Is this cereal as magical as it sounds?

Courtesy of Brand
Courtesy of Brand

Reviewed by Dietitian Emily Lachtrupp, M.S., RD

It's hard to miss them in the cereal aisle, with their groovy-styled boxes, nostalgic flavors and nutrition fact flexing. Right on the front of the box, each Magic Spoon cereal boasts their zero sugars, low-carb and has a double-digit protein count per serving. A potentially better-for-me cereal that tastes like my childhood favorite? I instantly wondered if there was a catch.

And then the downside became clear: the price nearly matched the amount of protein in a bowl. At Target, one box of Magic Spoon cereal (any flavor) can be yours for a whopping $9.99.

Perhaps this cereal really is "magic" and can be worth that hefty price tag. So I tried every flavor of it to conclude for myself if the dollar amount can be justified. Here's what I thought, from my favorite flavors to glaring pros and cons you should know before buying.

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The 8 flavors I tried were the following: Fruity, Cocoa, Peanut Butter, Frosted, Birthday Cake, Cinnamon Roll, Maple Waffle and Blueberry Muffin. I tried each one in a bowl with unsweetened almond milk, which is how I normally enjoy my cereal.

Something impressive about these Os is that they are grain-free. Those with an intolerance to gluten will love the texture of the cereal as it replicates any other grain-based cereal on the market. It doesn't hold back on crunch, and there's no off putting flavor regarding its base.

The Best Flavors

My favorites of the bunch were the Cocoa and the Blueberry Muffin. Loving the Cocoa cereal is no surprise to me as I'm a big fan of chocolate everything. And growing up, chocolate cereal was what I gravitated towards, so this felt like the grown-up version of Cocoa Puffs or Cocoa Pebbles. I was, however, surprised to find out that I loved the Blueberry Muffin flavor as much as I did. I assumed it'd have that strange artificial fruit kick to it because it was very aromatic, but it was actually quite nice with a blueberry-forward finish.

Honorable Mentions

I also have some honorable mentions. I think the flavor profile of the Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Roll and Maple Waffle are exactly what you'd expect going into it. With its natural ingredients, the taste was subtle but still yummy for these three. So if those sound like your cup of tea, add them to your list.

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The Worst Flavors

Fruity was okay, nothing to write home about. It's a muted version of Fruit Loops, so if that's your vibe, go for it. I didn't enjoy Frosted or Birthday Cake. There was a peculiar taste in each bite for these flavors, almost like vanilla protein powder, which I find weird. Maybe the top ingredient for all of these cereals—milk protein blend—just shined through in these frosty types, but I won't buy them again.

My main problem with these cereals is the amount per box. On each cereal box, a serving size is 1 cup, and there's 5 servings per box. To put that into perspective, a box of Cheerios has 9 cups in each box, nearly twice as much as a Magic Spoon, and the Cheerios costs over 60% less at Target right now. As someone that has the cereal box next to me for an extra serving, quantity is important. I would like my cereal for at least to last me the week, especially if it's costing twice as much as name brands on the market.

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a fun, flavorful and nutritious option, and are willing to pay the price, then I think Magic Spoon is worth the try. Especially if you've been in the mood for a nostalgic bite that has minimal carbs and at least 12 grams of protein per serving, no matter which flavor you choose. But there are other ways to include protein into your normal bowl of cereal, and we have plenty of recipes for quick low-carb, high-protein breakfasts that you can make in the morning. Try these light yet satisfying 15-minute options next time you're in a rush.

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