I tried Costco’s new Triple Chocolate Cream Pie: ‘4 lbs is insane… I’ll take seven of them’

There’s a new gargantuan dessert in town and it could make you the most popular person at your next potluck.

On Jan. 7, Costco-focused TikToker Laura Lamb — known as @costcohotfinds on social media — posted a video showing off a four-pound Triple Chocolate Cream Pie.

“Costco bakery just brought out a triple chocolate cream pie and it is over four pounds,” Lamb says in her video.

It starts with a buttery graham cracker crust, then a fudge brownie layer, a fluffy chocolate custard, whipped cream topping and finally, flakes of chocolate sprinkled on top.

“When I was at the checkout, the employees were raving about it and they weren’t wrong,” Lamb continues, trying a piece of the dessert on camera and appearing to really enjoy it. “The Costco bakery is on fire right now.”

In the caption of her Instagram post sharing the same video, Lamb added that “a small slice goes a long way,” and she isn’t kidding, considering the pie’s nutritional breakdown.

According to the nutrition facts, one serving of Costco’s Triple Chocolate Cream Pie has 430 calories. Which means, with 16 servings total, the entire pie has 6,880 calories — all for $19.99.

Most people online have welcomed Costco’s latest mega-pie with open arms and open mouths. After all, the tremendous treat follows in the buttery footsteps of the store’s four-pound Lemon Meringue Cheesecake and five-pound Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie, which came and went with similar fanfare.

“As a pregnant woman I did not need to see this at 10:30 at night 😭😂 ,” one person commented on TikTok.

“4 lbs is insane… I’ll take seven of them,” commented one Instagram user.

“Looks like French Silk Pie, from the ol Baker’s Square days,” added another.

Indeed, the French silk pie combines a pie crust with a custardy chocolate filling and whipped topping, but Costco adds a brownie layer to its remix on the confection.

“Bought this yesterday and it is delicious 👏,” attested one Instagram user.

“I’m drawn to any type of cream pie, that’s like my favorite thing,” Lamb tells TODAY.com, adding that she previously enjoyed the peanut butter pie, so was naturally drawn to its chocolaty cousin. “I knew it was going to be good because employees were stopping me saying that they had already tried it in the break room and that it was their favorite pie that they ever had from Costco.”

Lamb says she first spotted the pie at her local Costco in Texas on Jan. 11, a couple of days before a Reddit user spotted the pie in Washington. Lamb added that the Triple Chocolate Cream Pie also reminded her of the French silk pie from restaurant chain Bakers Square, where she worked in high school. “That was always my favorite.”

My review of Costco’s Triple Chocolate Cream Pie

First, an admission: I’m actually more of a cake lover than a pie person.

So, after purchasing this pie, I waited hours before digging into it, serving it during family dinner, where it was a hit. As the Lamour family took bites of pie, my brother said it reminded him of Burger King’s Hershey’s Sundae Pie.

That pie is one of my go-to dessert orders, so I shook off my pie prejudices and cut myself a slice.

Chocolate Cream Pie (Joseph Lamour )
Chocolate Cream Pie (Joseph Lamour )

Taking a bite, I was first hit with the whipped cream, followed by the not-too-sweet chocolate custard layer. The true star of the show is the very chocolaty brownie layer, which is soft and fudgy in contrast to the sturdily soft crunch of the graham cracker crust.

Like Lamb said, though, a small slice indeed goes a long way — I think if I tried eating as much as the suggested serving size, I would need to lie down after. Regardless, it was tempting to go in for seconds, but seeing as I had already downed one and a half of Costco’s new Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies that day, I thought better of it.

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