I’m a Beauty Writer with Dry Skin & This New Serum From a Celeb-Approved Brand Made My Décolletage Softer Than Ever

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As a beauty writer, I hear about brand-new products every day. There’s always something new coming out. Most of the time, it’s good; other times, it’s not so good. Occasionally, it’s a game changer. I always keep an open mind no matter what I try. Still, after years of testing new things, only a select few have completely wooed me over to the point where I’m telling anyone and everyone who’ll listen — which is what I’m doing here with you today, my friend. I was lucky enough to try the new Omorovicza Body Serum, and I am so obsessed I had to share.

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If you’re unfamiliar with Omorovicza, let me put you on. It’s a luxury beauty brand based out of Budapest that uses a patent Healing Concentrate formula. According to the brand, “It’s made by bio-fermenting Budapest thermal water, transforming its 26 minerals into bio-available molecules which the skin can absorb and utilize.” Sounds pretty cool, right? Their skincare products have been used by many celebs like Emily RatajkowskiKate Hudson, Florence Pugh, and so much more. Even Anne Hathaway’s long-time facialist, Su-Man, uses it. And now, they have a new fan under its belt (me!), thanks to the brand’s latest launch, the Body Serum.

I Tried Omorovicza New Body Serum & Here’s Why I’m Obsessed
I Tried Omorovicza New Body Serum & Here’s Why I’m Obsessed


Omorovicza Body Serum


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Its active ingredients make the Body Serum unique and different from any body product I’ve tried. It’s filled with Omorovicza’s signature Healing Concentrate, Icelandic microalgae — which is microscopic algae (how unique is that?!), Kakadu plum extract, and a ceramide complex that all come together to create the most luxurious formula I’ve ever put on my body. It also has a light, powdery, floral aroma that smells just divine. The Body Serum is said to deliver instant hydration and improve the overall texture and tone of skin — and that it does.

My expectations were pretty high upon trying this product; I mean, with all the unique ingredients and its expensive price tag, it had to be. Thankfully, it exceeded my expectations and then some. It pumps out in a soft, luscious texture that I couldn’t wait to apply to my skin. It’s somewhat creamy without being thick and is just the right weight I’d expect for a body serum.

omorovicza body serum
It has a soft, luxe consistency that felt so nice to apply.

The directions on the box recommend applying it on dry or damp skin. I chose to use it dry because I’m just one of those people who immediately dries off after a shower. That said, the skin throughout my body is usually dry, especially on my chest (we’ll get to that in a bit). So when I tell you that my skin instantly soaked this serum up while also leaving it feeling super hydrated, I was shocked. The directions also say that you can use it alone or as a pre-moisturizer step, just like any other serum you’d apply to your face. I was a bit confused that it recommends to stop there, but I can totally see why. The delicate skin on my décolletage felt so soft and supple that I didn’t need to apply moisturizer—another reason I loved it. I wouldn’t say I like wearing moisturizer on my chest because the skin there is relatively prone to acne, and I feel it clogs my pores even more.

LEFT: Before applying Omorovicza’s Body Serum after showering. RIGHT: After applying the Body Serum about 10 to 15 minutes after showering.
LEFT: Before applying Omorovicza’s Body Serum after showering. RIGHT: After applying the Body Serum about 10 to 15 minutes after showering.

After just one use, I could visibly see my skin look more glowy, less dull, and less lackluster. Also, the hydration lasted well into the following day after applying it at night. When I woke up, my chest felt soft, and when I showered, I noticed the access product coming off. To me, that’s a great thing because it lets me know my skin is fully moisturized and isn’t thirsting for more hydration. And when I came out of the shower, my chest was still oh-so-soft. Omorovicza’s new Body Serum will be a personal favorite of mine for a long time. I highly recommend giving it a try.

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