I Tried Allyson Felix's "Abs by Allyson" Workout, and Now I Feel Like an Olympic Sprinter

Tamara Pridgett

I started running track and field when I was around seven years old, and it didn't take long for me to set the goal of becoming an Olympic sprinter. Track was my world and every Olympic year was like a holiday in my household. I loved the entire event, but I couldn't wait for track and field to be on the TV. I remember watching my favorite sprinters like Allyson Felix, Sanya Richards, and Veronica Campbell-Brown run with grace and dominate their events, and wanting to be just like them.

I also remember sharing this goal with my coaches and them pushing me to train hard every day. We did everything from 300-meter repeats (every sprinter's kryptonite) to strength sessions, and there was always an emphasis on building core strength and stability.

Having a strong core helps with so many things like stabilizing your spine and improving your posture, and as an athlete, it helps you perform explosive movements like sprinting and jumping better. As one of the most decorated athletes of all time, Allyson Felix knows how important core strength is.

"Core strength is important for every single person, and I think we think of it in this way of 'I want these great abs.' But it's so much bigger than that," Felix told POPSUGAR while discussing her new Allyson Felix collection with Athleta. Felix said she loves doing ab workouts because they can be done absolutely anywhere and don't take much time to do. "And I love to do them in conjunction with my [track] workout," she added.

Felix loves classic moves like planks and V-ups, and in honor of her new collection dropping, I got to try out her signature ab workout in some of her gear. Felix's ab workout is a classic track and field ab routine, and it reminded me of my summer club track days and sweating profusely in the Arizona heat. It's definitely going to challenge your mental and physical strength, but it's so worth it! If this sounds like exactly what you need, check it out ahead.

Allyson Felix's "Abs by Allyson" Bodyweight Workout

Equipment needed: a yoga mat

Directions: Do Felix's ab workout alone, before/after a workout, or mix it into the middle of your preferred workout. This workout consists of three circuits. Take little to no rest in between each exercise and 30 to 60 seconds of rest in between each circuit. Complete for a total of one to three rounds depending on your fitness level.

  • Circuit 1, Exercise 1: Forearm plank: 30 seconds

  • Circuit 1, Exercise 2: X plank: 10 reps

  • Circuit 1, Exercise 3: Forearm plank with hip dip: 10 reps

  • Circuit 1, Exercise 4: Side plank: 30 seconds (15 seconds on each side)

  • Circuit 2, Exercise 1: Runner's crunch: 10 reps

  • Circuit 2, Exercise 2: Toe touch: 15 reps

  • Circuit 2, Exercise 3: Single-leg V-up: 10 reps

  • Circuit 2, Exercise 4: Hollow hold: 15 seconds

  • Circuit 3, Exercise 1: Russian twist: 15 reps

  • Circuit 3, Exercise 2: Scissor kick: 15 seconds

  • Circuit 3, Exercise 3: V-up: 10 reps

  • Circuit 3, Exercise 4: Bicycle crunch: 15 reps


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