Trey Lance NFL Draft Prospect Profile

Yahoo Sports’ lead draft analyst Eric Edholm shares his evaluation of the North Dakota State quarterback.

Video Transcript


ERIC EDHOLM: North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance won an FCS national title for the Bison back in 2019, but he was limited to only one game last season when the FCS canceled fall football. Still, for the upside, there's so much to like. Hard to ask for more in a quarterback prospect. He's got terrific athletic and physical traits, he can make every throw in the book, and be a big factor as a runner as well. One other thing. They put a lot on his plate. He's very mentally advanced for a 20-year-old. That's something you really want to see in a young quarterback.

On the downside, there is a serious lack of experience, only 17 starts at the FCS level. And there's some mechanical stuff, especially with his throwing motion, that could be cleaned up by a good quarterback coach or a head coach. For an NFL comp, we're going to actually turn back the clock a little bit on this one. Lance looks a little bit like a modern day Steve McNair to these eyes.