Trevor Lawrence thanks Clemson in Twitter video as he's expected to declare for 2021 draft

Trevor Lawrence thanks Clemson in Twitter video as he's expected to declare for 2021 draft

Video Transcript


TREVOR LAWRENCE: Looking back on it, I hope my legacy at Clemson is that I was a great teammate and a great person. Overall, just more than football, more than how I played each game. It's just how I treated people. I want that to be the main thing that I'm known for, and I feel like over the last three years, that's the thing I've kept as a priority, is just treating people well and being a good person. So I hope that that's my legacy when I leave here.

I've learned a lot from Coach Swinney and just from all my coaches, really-- just Coach [INAUDIBLE], Offensive Coordinator Coach [? Elliott. ?] All the position coaches, support staff, everyone has been so good to me and treated me like family since I've gotten here. And that faith aspect has really been the most important thing in my life.

To all my teammates, over the past three years, it's been the most fun ride I've been on. I look back at these three years, and I have the best memories. Winning the national championship, winning a lot of games, and just-- not even that, but just more so all the little moments, being in the locker room, being in practice, spending every day together, and just having those memories of just us laughing and cutting up and just enjoying life together. Those are things I'll remember forever.

When I look at my life as a whole so far, just this journey of 21 years, the most formative years have been my time here at Clemson. Like I said, it's taught me how to be a better man, no doubt. That's the biggest takeaway, really. Obviously, it's made me a better football player, but that's kind of secondary to what it's taught me about life. And I really feel like I'm a man now, and I'm ready to take on those challenges and just super excited for life ahead. The best is always yet to come, but man, I'm grateful for Clemson. And I'm going to miss it.

But I just want to say thank you to everyone that's supported Clemson, all my Clemson family, whether that's fans, my teammates, my coaches. And my immediate family-- I mean, I just-- I'm so thankful for you guys. I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for y'all. There's so many people that have helped raise me up. And I can't wait to see what God has next for us. But my time here has been amazing, and I'll be a Clemson Tiger forever.