Trending Mini Crockpot Electric Lunch Boxes Are on Sale on Amazon for Only $29.95

Take your favorite home-cooked food with you in this affordable mini Crockpot—now 33% off!

Packing your lunch for work or school just got a whole lot easier. Forget the ice packs and insulated lunch bags. The Crockpot Electric Lunch Box and Portable Food Warmer is where it's at for delicious hot meals, no matter whether you're sitting down at your desk to crunch some numbers or getting some studying done. Whether you want to chow down on chili, soup, dip, or stew, you name it—lunch will be steaming and ready when you want to dig in. No microwave required!

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Right now, you can get your own mini Crockpot in six different colors, from the newer satin shades like Black Licorice, Blush Pink, Faded Blue and Moonshine Green, or the older Black and Blue and Black and Green options for 33% off. That means you can snag one of them for $29.99, which is $15 off.

This electric lunch box really is just as good as bringing a tiny Crockpot to your desk at work. Over 15,000 five-star reviews have praised it for its convenience, ease of use, and the fact that it gets your favorite foods heated evenly so they're just as delicious as when you made them. Its 20 oz. size means it's great for leftovers, whether that means a hearty portion of stew you plan to finish off at lunch or a great dip you made to share with friends at an after-work gathering.

Using this portable warmer is a cinch, too. Just plug it in and let it do its magic for delicious, home-cooked taste. It comes with a detachable cord for easy plug-in and storage, and a seal and store lid that closes tightly for taking on the go. Too often, plastic containers, cups, and Thermoses can leak, leaving you with a mess on your hands, and worse, no lunch when you arrive at your destination. The removable storage container helps stave off spills, so no matter where you need to go, you don't have to worry about your meal sloshing around and escaping the Crockpot.

When you're finished, you can remove the food storage container and inner lid to pop into the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Plus, the soft-touch sides are easy to clean, so your Crockpot lunch box will be ready to go the next day once more for all your lunch or on-the-go meal needs. It's as easy as that!

Buyers can't stop singing these tiny Crockpot lunch boxes' praises. They really are that convenient. One reviewer raved about the lunch box's ability to warm dishes like chili. "This Crockpot is amazing," they wrote. "Tested it out on leftover chili. Straight from the fridge to heat. Took an hour and a half. Hot and ready to eat."

One particularly happy buyer believes this lunch box is "absolutely worth the cost". "This was an Amazon risk and I'm glad I took it," they wrote. "Soup tasted better than microwaving it. I don't mind waiting, especially since I can turn it on at 10:30 or 11:00 and have piping hot lunch by noon!"

Another agreed that it's "so simple, yet so awesome". "It literally just warms your food up over time," they wrote. "When I get to work I plug this thing in with leftover soup or whatever and by the time I take lunch it is hot!"

Hurry, because these portable Crockpots won't last long. Pick one up to level up your lunch now. Crockpot Electric Lunch Box, $29.99 on Amazon

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