This trending audio is helping TikTokers show their ‘gremlin’ side

This trending audio is helping TikTokers show their ‘gremlin’ side

Most people have multiple sides to them. This new TikTok audio allows people to show their mischievous side — going so far as to call them gremlin-like.

The original video comes from YouTuber JiDion (@JiDion). In the video, he runs toward the camera as guards detain him to yell, “I knew the perc was fake, but I still ate it,” quoting Kodak Black’s 2022 song “Super Gremlin.”

TikToker @demarcuscousins.3rdjr posted the trending sound, which currently has over 17,000 videos attached to it.

Now, TikTokers are using this sound to reveal things they did, even though they knew better.

This was one of the more relatable videos, with several people in the comments in the exact situation as the video.

“Got work in five hours…. Haven’t slept yet,” said @twe_ve.

“Watching this at 2:30 knowing i have to be at work at 7:30,” replied @lxstinlove.

Aside from just staying up late, some people were “gremlins” when it came to longer-lasting situations like their love lives.

Just like the video about not getting a lot of sleep, the comments couldn’t relate more.


“Thought he was gon change his mind cause i’m literally amazing but wtv,” commented @akysrn.

People on the Internet have endless stories of regret, and this sound is a perfect way to compile them all into one convenient place.

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