Treasure Hunter Finds Woman's Lost Engagement Ring on Georgia Beach

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A Georgia bride-to-be's weekend beach trip would have ended in heartbreak if not for the help of a lifeguard and a local treasure hunter.

Katherine Keen was packing up after a day at Tybee Island on Sunday when she realized that her diamond engagement ring was nowhere to be found.

Brian Harpring Katherine Keen Tybee Island Metal Detector
Brian Harpring Katherine Keen Tybee Island Metal Detector

Tybee Lifeguards

A friend flagged down veteran lifeguard Todd Horne and explained the situation. Horne alerted other Tybee Island lifeguards and asked them to keep an eye out for anyone using a metal detector. One of them spotted seasoned local treasure hunter Brian Harpring and brought him to the area where Keen lost her ring.

Within less than 10 seconds, Harpring had recovered the priceless piece.

Horne recounted the experience on his Facebook page, calling it the best "event" he can remember in his 15 years as a Tybee Island lifeguard.

"Finding a diamond ring on Memorial Day weekend with tens of thousands of patrons stomping all over the beach felt impossible. I didn't know this woman but I definitely prayed that God would grant a miracle so she could get her ring back," he wrote. "God doesn't always answer the way we would like Him to, but He did in this case. She and her deployed fiancé will be able to carry out their wedding with her family heirloom."

Good work, y'all!