Travis Kelce's Ex Sparks Heated Debate with Comment on Kylie Kelce's Post

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Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole; Kylie Kelce

Travis Kelce's ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole has once again become subject to public scrutiny after recently leaving a comment on the Instagram page of Travis' sister-in-law, Kylie Kelce.

Kayla, a sports journalist who dated the Kansas City Chiefs player between 2017 and 2022, took to the comment section on Kylie's latest Instagram post to share her condolences for the passing of Kylie's dog, Winnie—and users online were quick to take note of Kayla's apparent ongoing friendship with the wife of her ex's brother Jason Kelce.

Under Kylie's emotional post, Kayla wrote, "Winnie girl. What a sweet life she lived."

But while her comment had over 3,000 likes, some users in the comments immediately began to question her motives, considering she no longer dates Travis, who has very publicly moved on with music superstar Taylor Swift.

In a since-deleted comment, one critic argued that Kayla "should've dm'ed," Kylie instead of publicly commenting, per Glamour, and another person called the move "straight messy," claiming Kayla likely could've predicted that her comment would cause some eyebrows to raise.

But the majority of commenters appeared to be on Kayla's side of the situation, coming to her defense to argue that she was going nothing wrong by leaving a public comment.

"Just because Travis with T.Swift doesn't mean Kayla didn't know Kylie," one user wrote, adding, "People are so immature."

"Kylie did nothing to her though. She can still like, follow, and comment on someone she spent years around and fell in love with. It's called maturity," someone else echoed.

Another fan, speaking directly to Kayla, replied to her comment to say, "I'm PROUD you have the courage not to be bullied into silence with this family. You were part of this family for 5 years so you don’t have to DM, not post any message that you want to write. Keep standing 10 toes down and know YOU ARE THAT GIRL!!!!"

Kayla has already spoken out about the public scrutiny she's received ever since Travis began dating Taylor, whose army of fans have been accused pitting the two women against each other.

In an October 2023 Instagram post, Kayla opened up about "backlash and embarrassment," claiming the power of "silence" can quiet the "noise and the voices that want you to give in to this demoralizing and antiquated narrative."

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