What Travis Kelce Eats To Stay in NFL-Caliber Shape, According to His Private Chef

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Travis Kelce has certainly been having an eventful month in the spotlight. Ever since discovering that the Kansas City Chiefs tight end loves to enjoy a nice stack of French toast before a game, it’s made it hard not to wonder what the rest of the star football player’s diet looks like. When he’s not having a night out with new boo Taylor Swift, making Swifties go absolutely nuts over their beloved pop star's romantic endeavors, Kelce sticks to a strict diet that keeps him in shape.

In a recent interview with Starland News, Kelce's childhood friend and personal chef Kumar Ferguson revealed that the NFL star's diet consists mostly of steaks, chops and chicken, noting that everything about Kelce's diet is intentional. “Everything is for fuel, comfort, hydration and nutrition,” Ferguson stated. “There is purpose behind every dish,” he continued. “You go into the kitchen with that mindset. You put that intention into the food and then you hope that it translates to optimized health.”

That intention seems to extend to Kelce's food choices when he's away from home, too. On a recent date night out with Swift in New York City, the pair dined at Nobu, where Kelce is said to favor the toro special, and Catch Steak, which is a prime spot for, you guessed it, steak. This past weekend, the couple was spotted at Piropos, an Argentinian steakhouse in Kansas City. His new line of prepared bbq entrees, which should be at your local Walmart soon, are also meat-centric.

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Ferguson is a longtime childhood friend of Kelce's. The two met in elementary school and bonded over basketball. Over the years, as Kelce made his way into the NFL, the football star would start to lean on Ferguson for help with sticking to an NFL diet. Ferguson, who in 2016 was working as a truck driver, received the call from Kelce and picked up his life and moved to Kansas City to help out his friend. Ferguson is now Kelce’s personal year-round chef, and has used his culinary skills to start KuEatsFresh, where you can purchase the private chef's recipes and see what he's up to.

Two years into cooking for Kelce, Ferguson caught the attention of Kansas City Chiefs team nutritionist, telling Starland News that “she was super impressed how Travis looked, his body metrics,” Ferguson noted. “His performance output matched his diet; that’s something that labs want to see.” Ferguson goes on to detail how the pair received a lot of “cool reviews” and that “things started picking up from there as far as working with other guys on the team and trying to help out.”

The key to Ferguson and Kelce’s success lies in sticking to their roots while finding modern ways to do so. Dubbing their meal-prepping style as “healthy steakhouse cuisine,” the pair knows exactly how to get results while still enjoying what they eat. “We’re all just (Midwest) northern dudes,” Ferguson said, “steaks, chops, chicken and stuff like that, but we try to bring a modern flair to it.”

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