Travis Barker's open-plan living room is a masterclass in 'stealth wealth' style – a big design trend for 2024

 Travis Barker
Travis Barker

You may be forgiven for thinking that Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker's home would be an eclectic, hedonistic amalgamation of the rock star's personal style, but instead, we are treated to a quieter, tranquil space that is worthy of being considered one of the world's best homes.

In a conversation with Architectural Digest, Travis Barker spoke about not wanting a home that made a huge statement of any kind of caricatured rock-star style. He wanted a space that would allow him to switch off and be at peace with himself.

In design terms, that vision translated into a tonal color scheme, tailored furnishings of linen-covered upholstery, warm wood accent pieces, and custom furnishings inspired by mid-century modern decor. To follow through with his vision for 'quiet luxury' Barker employed the talent of interior designer Waldo Fernandez.

Waldo Fernandez is no stranger to curating spaces that embody quiet luxury. Having designed spaces for the likes of Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, Fernandez knows a thing or two about crafting homes that exude luxury.

It is not just celebrities who are embracing a more restrained interior decorating style, either. In a world where everything at times feels so fast-paced and chaotic, more and more people are turning to quieter, softer decorating ideas at home. Now, more than ever, we seek comfort and luxury in our homes; spaces that exude warmth, elegance, and serenity.

What people are longing for now, says the global editor-in-chief of Homes & Gardens, Lucy Searle, is calming decor that evokes an emotional response – something that makes us feel happier at home. The 'quiet luxury' interior design trend is here to give us just what we need.

Initially popular in the world of fashion, 'quiet luxury' or 'stealth wealth' decorating offers a refreshing alternative to the chaos of modern life, allowing you to transform your living room into a tranquil oasis without sacrificing sophistication, style, or elegance.

Nature provided the inspiration for this indoor-outdoor living room’s welcoming, earthy palette. This is quite a grown-up room, and the seating arrangement reflects this.

‘When looking to curate softer aspects within a space, opt for richer colors that can give a sense of warmth. If you are looking for a more trend-led design then focus on investing in items with weathered timber, or a timeworn patina as it adds more depth to the design,’ advises Holly Gannon, design manager, Milc Interiors.

Another fundamental function of this space is openness. There are also many secondary benefits of open-plan living, such as the sheer freedom and joy of spending time in a sunnier, airier space with plenty of room to maneuver. Combining existing rooms allows you to utilize space that was previously reserved for formal gatherings.

‘From a design perspective, open-plan spaces allow you to unify the details, textures and materials across the entire room to achieve really impressive results,’ adds Jamee Kong of DesignSpace London.

The benefits of crafting a home that is warm, open, and at one with nature is an interior design trend we expect to see in 2024 and beyond.

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Travis Barker's 'quiet luxury' look is not as unobtainable as it may at first appear. In fact, just a few well-chosen home decor ideas can turn the main room in your home into a luxurious space that is perfectly composed and enriching.

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