Travis Barker's Daughter Alabama Barker Is Rapping Now in a New TikTok Video

Travis Barker's daughter Alabama Barker is making her debut…as a rapper? The 17-year-old seemingly teased her burgeoning rapping career on TikTok earlier this week, posting a video of herself in the bathroom lip-syncing to some of her own verses, and it's already reached viral status.

Alabama's original video has accumulated over four million views on TikTok in just three days, but it's up to over 22 million in just over 24 hours on Twitter, where a user has reshared the original snippet.

In the video, Barker's daughter can be seen donning a bright orange wig, which many are interpreting as an Ice Spice reference, with a single blonde streak framing the left side of her face. As is common in her videos, Alabama also rocks a full face of makeup, complete with false lashes and overlined lips. 

The 40-second clip show Alabama rapping verses à la "We ain't together when I'm wit' him, he know I'm the realest / Ain't got no opposition all these b*tches in their feelings but listen, who the f*ck yall talking to?" and “I'm walking in, there's 20 b*tches staring, yeah, I'm cool / I know I smell so good it's Baccarat, Van Cleef perfume.”

Alabama's rather unexpected foray into rap has the internet divided. While some are pointing out that the song itself might even be a bit catchy, others are rightfully voicing their concerns, claiming the socialite is coming too close for comfort to blackfishing with her aesthetic, enunciation, and mannerisms and pointing out that we could very well be giving our attention and support to an array of deserving Black female rappers.

"U guys will entertain it, then she will get the clout, then she will get signed," someone said on Twitter. "White girl starts rapping, and suddenly she's the next Nicki yall need to pipe down, I swear," another person commented

"Y'all be so easily impressed by white mediocrity that sounds like other Black folks out already. No shade, but I'm not impressed," someone else wrote. "So tired of rich [white people] using [Black] culture as their edgy teen era… you're born and raised in the suburbs of California and your stepmom is a Kardashian," a fourth one added.

Other users are simply shocked that Alabama would choose a different route than the one her family is known for, which some are interpreting as a negative and others as a positive. "She could really be doing a lot in pop/rock, especially with her dad's connections/influence. But instead, she wants to go down the vulture route," a user commented. "This is the daughter of the legendary drummer Travis Barker from the band Blink-182. This is also proof that no matter who you are or what you do, your children are going to do what makes them happy and be who they want to be," someone else pointed out. 

As evidenced on her TikTok, Alabama first posted a snippet of her rapping back in April, teasing two unreleased songs seemingly called "Crutial [sic] Intentions" and "Dime in the Rough." You can listen to a snippet of the latter below:

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