Travel chef shares a day in his life on TikTok

Watch this travel chef share what it’s like to live a day in his life. Spoiler alert: It involves tons of delicious food!

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel the world as a private chef? That’s exactly what TikToker and professional chef Brad (@souledout_chef) does for a living. Brad recently shared a video detailing what it’s like to live a day in his life. It involves hard work, lots of airport time and, of course, amazing food.

The video begins with Brad carrying a duffle bag to the airport. “Back at it again,” he says. “A day in the life of a travel chef.”

“Today we are heading to Atlanta airport, and the destination is Miami, Florida,” Brad explains, as he sits in the airport bar sipping a cocktail.

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Once Brad arrives in Miami, he heads straight to the grocery store, where he begins gathering his ingredients. Already wearing his chef’s uniform, Brad pushes a shopping cart down the aisles, grabbing ingredients for the dinner he will be catering later in the night.

Next, Brad makes a quick stop at a restaurant to eat a decadent breakfast, which includes everything from scrambled eggs to Fruity Pebbles French toast. Then he heads over to his client’s house, where he begins prepping for dinner.

“This was an in-and-out trip, so I went straight to dinner,” Brad explains, as he stands in the kitchen of his client’s home, cutting lobster tails and prepping ingredients.

“We had lobster, filet mignon and lobster mac [’n’ cheese],” he explains, showing off each of the delicious-looking dishes. “They loved dinner. Dinner was amazing. It was a surprise birthday party for my client’s wife.”

Once dinner ends, Brad heads to his hotel and gets a few hours of sleep before heading back to the airport to go home. The chef enjoys a breakfast sandwich on the airplane. He lands back in Atlanta, picks up his bags and heads home.

“And that’s all until next time,” he says as the video ends.

“Do you have an assistant?”

Viewers were impressed by the talented chef’s video — and his cooking!

“Everything looked mouthwateringly delicious,” wrote one viewer.

“Do you have an assistant? Lots of beautiful work. Amazing!” another viewer commented.

Brad’s job clearly involves long hours and plenty of hard work, but it also allows him to do what he loves — cook and eat delicious food!

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