Translating Official Documents As A Kid, And 17 Other Things You Did If You Grew Up Speaking Spanish

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1.Sometimes, things would simply get lost in translation...

2....and so you had to become the translator for anyone and everyone.

3.You were even translating official government documents, medical records, and making phone calls for your parents at the age of 9.

4.And when you wouldn't know how something translates directly, you'd get hit with the "¿Entonces para qué vas a la escuela?"

5.If your friends ever found out you spoke Spanish, they would never leave you alone about it.

6.Or they tried to show you how "well" they knew it too. Spoiler: It was never any good.

7.You made it through years of ESL and managed to learn one of the hardest languages on Earth, on top of your regular school work too.

8.But you often found yourself mixing that English with Spanish throughout your life anyway to get your point across, because sometimes Spanish just hits in a way English can't.

9.You were far more familiar with Spanish music just because your parents didn't listen to anything else, and as you grew older, those hits became your nostalgia playlist.

10.And you questioned whether every voice was the same on all the dubbed movies your family would watch on Telefutura and Telemundo.

11.Spanish often became your own little secret language if the people around you didn't speak it.

12.And those who didn't like it were just jealous they couldn't get in on all the fun.

13.But you were always quick to throw out a "¿Qué dijiste?" in case someone assumed you didn't speak Spanish and tried to talk behind your back.

14.Sitting through the birthday song can be awkward enough, but you often had to sit through two versions of it.

15.Since different countries have their own special way of speaking Spanish, you had a hard time understanding someone who spoke it in a different way or used words you didn't even know existed.

16.But you nonetheless found camaraderie in other people who spoke Spanish when no one else around you did.

17.Your parents were afraid you'd forget your Spanish...

18....but that'll never happen, because it's the language that will always remind you of home.

  Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed
Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed

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Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed