A Trainer Shared 5 Mistakes People Make When Training Their Glutes

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Photo credit: Klaus Vedfelt - Getty Images
Photo credit: Klaus Vedfelt - Getty Images

Fitness coach Jeremy Ethier regularly shares advice and insight on how to see better results in your training, from mastering specific exercises to burning fat. In a new video on his YouTube channel, Ethier lists the reasons why you might be struggling to achieve the gains you want in your glutes. Whether your goal is to boost your athletic performance or simply look better in jeans, here are some commonly made training mistakes which could be keeping you from a bigger butt.

Firstly, Ethier speculates that you might be selecting the wrong exercises. The primary function of the glutes is hip extension, whereas a lot of glutes exercises that you can find online actually involve more hip abduction. Instead, Ethier recommends exercises like back squats, leg presses, Bulgarian split squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts. "They're not fancy, but if you use the right form to get really strong over time, they're going to be the key to the glutes growth you're looking for," he says.

On the subject of form, Ethier points out that performing a lower body exercise incorrectly can lead to you bringing in other muscles like the quads, rather than targeting the glutes. This is the second mistake. The third mistake is letting the lower back and hamstrings take over.

Workout programming is another area where making some small adjustments rather than doing the same thing each workout can lead to better results. "Research shows that challenging a muscle in different ways may lead to more complete growth," says Ethier. "In the case of the glutes, we want to add in an exercise that challenges the muscle when it's fully shortened."

Finally, anyone who spends a lot of time sitting may find that they struggle to activate their glutes in the first place, and so Ethier suggests a range of glutes activation exercises to increase the body's ability to recruit those muscles during your lower body workouts.

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