Trailblazing Snowboard Pioneers Carve Their Way into Ski Hall of Fame

Ski New Mexico, in collaboration with the New Mexico Ski Hall of Fame, recently announced the inaugural snowboarders to be honored with induction into the prestigious New Mexico Ski Hall of Fame. Recognized as the "Experience Snowboards Crew," this tale revolves around three trailblazing Mavericks who united in 1994 as both companions and entrepreneurial allies: Brandon Peterson, George Medina, and Michael Johnstone. Over the subsequent two decades, they left an indelible mark on the snowboarding landscape in New Mexico, reshaping it permanently.

Their most arguably notable impact manifested through the inception of the legendary Free Taos campaign. What began as a lively protest evolved into a radical and immensely popular movement. The Free Taos campaign gained widespread recognition, gracing the covers of renowned publications like Transworld Snowboarding, Snowboarding Business Magazine, and The Seattle Times. Ultimately, this campaign played a pivotal role in the opening of Taos Ski Valley to snowboarders on March 19, 2008—an event humorously dubbed "The day Hell froze over." As proprietors of Experience Snowboards, a small snowboard shop in Northern New Mexico, this trio of individuals went beyond conventional boundaries, fostering nationally competitive athletes, pioneering innovative freestyle parks, and advocating for snowboard-friendly terrain, competitions, and events across the state.

Read the full article from Taos News here.

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