Trail Building ASMR: Watch Mark Matthews Turn A Hillside Into A Bike Trail

Mark Matthews

There may not be anything more satisfying than watching a hillside get molded into a trail. Perhaps the best in the game is Mark Matthews.

Watch a time-lapse of Matthews creating a section of his new trail below.

In this video, Matthews continues work on his new trail, packing a photogenic jump and landing. It is incredibly satisfying to watch.

Mark Matthews is a YouTuber and rider from Cumberland, British Columbia. Vancouver Island is a temperate rainforest. This means that generally, you can build trail all winter in the lower elevations.

This winter, Mark has set out to create a trail that leads into his iconic jump line. You can read more about it below.

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Matthews is one of the few YouTubers who consistently films his trail projects. His videos are perfection. There is nothing cooler than watching a trail come into existence on camera, and Mark is a master at that. Building trail in the misty gloom of the PNW is a certain vibe and Matthews captures it perfectly.

We at Biekmag are stoked to see what this trail has in store.

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