Trader Joe's New Frozen Treat is Made With an Iconic Filipino Fruit

When it’s winter, I’m always on the hunt for sweet treats that bring a hint of sunshine into my life. And though it might sound counterintuitive, one of my favorite ways to brighten up the long dark nights of winter is by indulging in a light and fruity sorbet. The concentrated flavor of sun-ripened produce just brings a smile to my face, and when I saw Trader Joe’s newest sorbet flavor, I knew it would be just the thing to melt away my winter woes. It’s a new sorbet inspired by the tropical fruit of the Philippines, and though mango is part of the equation (it’s the national fruit of the Philippines, after all), the true star of this new sorbet is a unique type of citrus.

You’ve heard of yuzu, and sampled citron. But what about calamansi? This small citrus fruit (also known as calamondin and Phillipine lemon) is ubiquitous in Filipino cooking, like limes to Mexican food or lemons in the Amalfi Coast. Calamansi fruit are about the size of a key lime, sometimes smaller, and they have a super tart, citrusy flavor. They can be used when the peel is green, or when it’s turned orange. Interestingly, they have a sweet peel, similar to a kumquat, so if you ever get your hands on some fresh calamansi, you can try eating one whole, peel and all — I’m lucky enough to have a calamansi tree in my back yard, and we call them nature’s Sour Patch kids!

In Filipino cuisine, calamansi is used in marinades, turned into juice, and is often squeezed over dishes like pancit right before serving. You can even buy calamansi juice online if you want to try it in those applications. But in Trader Joe’s new Calamansi & Mango Sorbet, they help balance out the silky sweetness of ripe mangoes. Each bite of the sorbet is tart, sweet, and refreshing, and will totally bring on the sunshine vibes even if it’s dark and stormy outside. Trader Joe’s recommends using this new sorbet as a palate cleanser when indulging in some Double Cream Brie, or as a refreshing dessert after a rich meal. It’s also delicious dolloped into a bowl of punch, and you can top a scoop with some champagne for an instant cocktail.

Trader Joe’s new Calamansi & Mango Sorbet retails for $3.79 a pint, but it might not be around for too long. This is a limited time item, so if the thought of this citrusy sweet vegan sorbet has your mouth watering, you’ll want to head to your nearest Trader Joe’s to pick some up today.

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