The New Trader Joe's Freezer Item Shoppers Can't Wait to Try

Tofu is a foundation ingredient in many Asian cuisines and it's easy to see why. It's a great vegetarian source of protein, pretty impossible to overcook, soaks up any variety of flavors and transforms any number of textures depending how it's cooked. There's a wonderful world of tofu types you can find at an Asian grocery store. When you only have time to procure your weekly food shop at your neighbor grocery store though, more often than not, the tofu options lean on the side of being more limited: you must choose from either a block of firm or soft, silken tofu.

But frequent Trader Joe's shoppers have recently discovered at new addition to the freezer aisle that has the potential to change their shopping — and tofu cooking — for the absolute better. The new Tofu Sheets are the latest belles of the ball to arrive at Trader Joe's and they're already selling fast.

"My store had a blank space in the freezer section with a post-it note sign. I’m thinking they are getting stocked tonight!!" exclaimed one redditor.

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Tofu sheets, or yuba, is a type of tofu that has been compressed and processed into very thin slices, typically enjoyed in stir-friessoups, hot pot, salads and as wrappers for rice. But, like any type of tofu, tofu sheets take well to other creative culinary applications. Each box of the Trader Joe's version contains two servings of tofu sheets which come frozen and need to be heated in the microwave before you enjoy however you please. Once I get my hands on some, I plan to throw in a handful on top of my Japanese curry rice.

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This versatile Asian cooking ingredient is a powerhouse that's soon to become the frozen section standby for many Trader Joe's customers, if it hasn't already! So this cozy cooking season, do yourself a big favor and grab a few boxes before they become even.

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