Trader Joe's Festive New Drink Has Shoppers Stocking Up for the Holiday Season

Trader Joe's

Anyone who shops at Trader Joe’s regularly knows just how hard it is to stick to a pre-planned grocery list during the holiday season (or any other season for that matter). The popular neighborhood grocery chain has made it their bread and butter to stock its shelves with plenty of one-of-a-kind, limited-edition products that you’ll likely not find anywhere else. With popular releases such as the highly sought after TJ’s Truffle Oil and the new fan-favorite TJ’s Shrimp Pouches, shopping for your weekly groceries quickly becomes a treasure hunt full of unsuspecting surprises.

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The latest bounty to surface on the beaches of Trader Joe’s island comes in the form of a fun and tropical mocktail that is the perfect combination of festive and fruity. Something Spritzy drink is an ideal alternative for when you’re not in the mood for an alcoholic beverage, but would rather enjoy the flavors of a stimulating, spirit-free sip with sensational tropical flavors and touch of bitter aromatics.

Spotted originally by Trader Joe’s Treasure Hunt, this new sip — which is described as "A Sparkling Festive Beverage" —  is made with grapefruit, cranberry and orange juices from concentrate that are then infused with aromatic bitter flavors and a touch of cane sugar. The end result is a stark contrast between a sweet and tart flavor profile that is far beyond the average sparkling juice or soda. Each can contains only 17 grams of sugar, making it way below the majority of juice and soda options you will come across when ordering mixed drinks at your local bar.

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“This is so refreshing. Can’t wait to use this as a mixer,” one user commented in response to the post shared to Instagram, while others chimed in to echo the sentiment, suggesting mixing the sparkling beverage with either whiskey or tequila.

The best part about a beverage like this is its versatility at a large get-together. Whether you’re drinking alcohol at the party or acting as the designated driver for the night, TJ's Something Spritzy acts as a beverage that plays both sides of the field.

Keep in mind, however, a Trader Joe’s product as good as this never lasts long, so make sure you stock up ahead of the impending holiday season. That way, you’ll have enough to last through the end of the year.

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