Trader Joe's Fan-Favorite Chocolate Bars Are Finally Back, and Shoppers are Ecstatic

Winter has only just begun, and we’ve already started swapping out the cooler, frosty aesthetic of the holidays for a brighter and springier color palette to coincide with the warmer months ahead. Though there are several days before Valentine’s Day (and months before Easter), retailers like Target and Trader Joe’s are busy stocking their shelves with products positively blooming with spring flair.

Aside from showering us with brand-new items to kickstart the year, grocers have been bringing back returning favorites that fans can’t stop talking about. In the case of Trader Joe’s and their diehard fanbase, the latest treat that’s causing a craze is a beautifully decorated chocolate bar with floral accents you’re guaranteed to fall head over heels in love with.

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Sheathed in a gorgeously designed white box with floral appliqués is a returning dark chocolate confection aptly named the Pinks and Whites Dark Chocolate Bar. Each 3-ounce bar retails for $2.99 and is topped with pink and white yogurt-covered flower-shaped shortbread cookies and a smattering of pastel-colored sprinkles. In addition to being delicious, the bars come pre-scored to make sharing easier — although, we totally understand if you choose not to.

Aside from the 54 percent dark chocolate foundation of the bar, the cookie adornments have been a tenet of Trader Joe’s product lore for quite some time. Fans liken their taste to that of the famed Circus Animal Cookies that most of us grew up with. And some fans are crossing their fingers for the treat's solo return later this year.

While it’s nearly impossible to predict exactly what Trader Joe’s is up to next, one thing we can always count on is that there’s bound to be another incredible product coming right around the corner. Thankfully, TJ’s just dropped a positively microscopic treat that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth while you wait for the pink and white flowers to bloom.

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