The Trader Joe's Chocolate Croissant-Scented Candle People Are Losing It Over

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If you’ve already stocked up on your festive wool felted garland, a pet-themed advent calendar, and all the holiday cards you’d ever need to send out ahead of the holiday season, then you’re in luck. Longtime devotees of TJ’s beloved chocolate croissants — and the newest double chocolate croissants — have a new reason to celebrate: Trader Joe’s just launched a scented candle inspired by the cozy, buttery aroma of its fan-favorite frozen chocolate pastry.

While there’s few better things in life than a kitchen that smells like freshly baked chocolate croissants, you might not always have time to turn the oven on and bake some. So this candle, spotted on store shelves by TJ’s fan accounts like @traderjoeshungry and @traderjoeslist, will warm up your home with the mouth-watering scent in only the amount of time it takes you to grab a box of matches — no baking required.

Made from a blend of beeswax, soy wax, and coconut oil, you’ll get 24 hours worth of burn time from the candle, which is housed in a chic brown tin that will look great on display in any room of your home. And at $3.99, the candle itself is incredibly budget-friendly, so no one will blame you for stocking up on a few to bring that freshly baked scent to every part of your space.

Fans are understandably excited at the prospect of the lingering smell of chocolate croissants in their homes. “Picked it up today,” shared one buyer. “It smells like mainly chocolate to me but still very good.” Others had jokes, with one person writing: “*Drops phone and looks for shoes, wallet and shopping tote*” Another said, “Great, Trader Joe’s gonna make me eat a candle when I wake up late at night looking for a snack! 🙃.”

Even more TJ’s fans are prepared to throw down in the store if they spot these candles. “I will prepare for battle to obtain such a treasure,” one person said. Another simply noted: “I need 20 of those candles.”

Threshold Glass Jar Spiced Gingerbread Cookie Candle
Threshold Glass Jar Spiced Gingerbread Cookie Candle

There’s no official word from Trader Joe’s on whether or not these candles are limited-edition or will be available all season long, so you might want to head to your local store soon to snag one or two (or three) as quickly as you can, especially if you’re hosting for the holidays and want to greet your guests with the delicious scent of chocolate croissants.

But if you miss out the chance to stock up on the Trader Joe’s buttery candles, you can shop similar bakery-inspired scents with Target’s Milky Glass Spiced Gingerbread Cookie and Glass Jar Cinnamon Beignet Candle, both from the brand’s Threshold line. They’ll give you all the freshly baked feels with a fraction of the work.

Threshold Glass Jar Cinnamon Beignet Candle
Threshold Glass Jar Cinnamon Beignet Candle

Buy: Threshold Glass Spiced Gingerbread Cookie Candle, $6; Threshold Glass Jar Cinnamon Beignet Candle, $6