Trader Joe’s Version of This Classic Spanish Dish Has Shoppers Lining Up to Grab It

Trader Joe’s has been living up to their reputation all year long and naturally, the popular neighborhood grocery chain still has a few surprises left in store before rounding out the year. Recently spotted by a few dedicated shoppers, Trader Joe’s is now selling a version of a classic Spanish dish that has customers chomping at the bit for a taste. But if we know anything about the fan-favorite grocery chain, it's that customer feedback can go either way when considering any of the grocer's newest offerings.

Trader Joe’s Tortilla Española recently hit shelves and shoppers were quick to share the news online in hopes of getting the ultimate approval from some of the company’s most dedicated patrons. TJ’s take on the beloved Spanish tortilla comes in a 21.16-ounce container and retails for $5.49.

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Made by a personal supplier of the grocery chain in Spain who specializes in the iconic dish, Tortilla Española requires just a few minutes on the stovetop to prepare and can be stored in the freezer for future use. The dish features a rich and light texture that is balanced with a blend of savory flavors including eggs, potatoes and thinly sliced onions. Tortilla Española pairs perfectly as an appetizer with cocktails and other finger foods at any dinner party.

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“I would definitely buy this to try,” one commenter responded to a post about the iconic Spanish dish shared to the Trader Joe’s subreddit, “but if you get the chance try making one from potato chips.” Others were quick to point out the benefit of making the dish from scratch at home, with one customer claiming that they would refrain from buying the TJ’s version, stating that they like to make it from scratch. “It’s pretty easy to make and its delicious,” they wrote. “The secret is to use Yukon gold potatoes.”

Another customer pointed out that after trying TJ’s Tortilla Española, they came to the conclusion that there was “way too much potato and it tastes very dry.”

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Of course, not all reviews were skeptical. In response to a post shared to Instagram by Trader Joe’s Obsessed, plenty of shoppers expressed their optimism for the newest TJ’s offering. “I just got back from Spain and I used to live there so I couldn’t wait to eat this out in Spain,” one intrigued customer commented. “Hopefully it’s just as good with TJ’s." Another fan who had already tried TJ's rendition claimed that it was both “yummy” and “similar to what I ate in Spain.”

At this point, the word is still out on Trader Joe’s Tortilla Española and could go either way. The only thing left to do is try it out for yourself and see what you think. However, don’t let the quirky grocery chain fool you into thinking the dish is too difficult to make from scratch. Plenty of fans were adamant in pointing out their preference for making the dish themselves and enjoying it just as much as what they remembered from back home. Plus, the reward is far more worth it once you’ve created greatness.

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