Trader Joe’s Superfans Are Raving About ‘The Best’ Sweet Treat: ‘If They Ever Get Discontinued I’ll Cry’

trader joes cookies display
trader joes cookies display

There’s certainly no shortage of delicious sweet treats at Trader Joe’s—but some stand out among all the rest. When something at TJ’s is really good, there’s a good chance it’s getting some buzz on the Trader Joe’s subreddit. That’s exactly the case with Trader Joe’s Belgian Butter Waffle Cookies, which have superfans raving—and agonizing over just how deviously delicious they are. Find all of the details below.

Trader Joe's Belgian Butter Waffle Cookies

We all have our snack kryptonite—and for many of us, that particular kryptonite can be found in the form of an irresistible sugary treat on Trader Joe's shelves.

Have you ever opened a box of cookies and just not been able to stop eating them? It sounds like many people share this experience with these Butter Waffle Cookies. People have mixed feelings about these cookies. Not because they're arguing over whether or not they taste good, but because some are begging for them to stay stocked, while others say they will never let themselves add them to their grocery cart because they're too dang good.

One user in the Trader Joe's subreddit recently shared a photo of these cookies, writing: "They're the best and they have no weird oils or ingredients. If they ever get discontinued I'll cry so please buy them."

Others jumped in to agree that they are, indeed, delicious, with one person going as far to say that they are "problematically good." In fact, this commenter has implemented a Butter Waffle Cookie ban in their household. "They are essentially not allowed in the house anymore bc the serving size is until the box is empty." Been there!

Many seem to share this sentiment. "I bought these once and never again!" wrote one superfan. "They were so freaking good. I will eat them all in 2 days."

It sounds like the original poster's plea may not be so effective—these cookies have crossed over to "too good to buy" territory for some! However, if they do end up being discontinued (like these other discontinued TJ's items we miss dearly), one commenter offered some good advice: "If they are discontinued just go to your local Korean market, because these butter waffle cookies have been a Korean staple for at least 25+ years." Good to know!

What do you think? Will these cookies be finding a spot on your grocery list, or are you going to find the willpower to resist all that sugar? Let us know in the comments!

Regardless, we recommend stocking up on these other fan-favorite items. Happy shopping!

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