Trader Joe’s Just Dropped the Must-Have Stocking Stuffer of the Season

Trader Joe's

Part of the allure of the Christmas holiday is stringing stockings up above the fireplace and stuffing them with tasty treats and comical gifts for the loved ones in your life. Waking up on Christmas day to unwrap gifts wouldn't be the same without them, and the abundance of laughter that comes with an excellently chosen stocking stuffer is exactly what Santa ordered on the most joyful day of the year. Luckily for us, Trader Joe’s just dropped the must-have stocking stuffer of the season, and its size is just about as appealing as what it's made of.

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The comically large Milk Chocolate Coin at Trader Joe’s is a must-grab gift that will definitely put a smile on every recipient's face upon pulling it out of their stocking. For only $1.99, you can elicit true Christmas joy while simultaneously satisfying that pesky sweet tooth all at the same. Keep in mind, this is not your average chocolate coin, and should not be confused with the seasonal Coins of the World chocolate coin pouch.

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For reference, one TJ’s shopper took to Reddit to show just how big this hilarious chocolate treat is, revealing it to be just about as big as a Playstation 5 controller. “This is so much bigger than I thought,” one user exclaimed.

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In a separate post to Reddit regarding the popular milk-chocolate stocking stuffer, one user measured the coin out to be a shocking five inches in diameter. The same user also noted that the coin has “no kosher mark visible,” to which another user jokingly responded, “No kosher mark? This is clearly meant for Hanukkah!”

No matter who ends up on the receiving end of this classic stocking stuffer, one thing is for certain: it will bring joy in a way that only chocolate covered coins can deliver. Nothing beats a truly timeless gift which elicits laughter and happiness, something we all deserve after making it through yet another year on this wonderful planet we call home.

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