Trader Joe’s Fans Are 'Devastated' After Pumpkin Rolls Are Discontinued: 'Look Forward To It Every Year'

trader joes fall items
trader joes fall items

Trader Joe’s is famous for its delicious selection of fall foods, but eagle-eyed customers have noticed one fall item in particular has been missing from shelves. According to a TJ’s employee, the beloved Pumpkin Rolls have been discontinued, and fans are devastated. The product, which is a fall-flavored take on cinnamon rolls, has been very popular in past years, but the company that produces it has reportedly gone out of business.

While other fall favorites are stocked on the shelves, including the Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese, Pumpkin Flavored Ice Cream, Pumpkin Joe-Joes, and Apple & Pumpkin Hand Pies, many fans are yearning only for the Pumpkin Rolls, but are sadly left disappointed.

Trader Joe’s discontinues pumpkin rolls

Pumpkin Rolls first appeared on Trader Joe’s shelves in 2014, and were an immediate hit. With spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, it truly encapsulated fall flavors. Plus, a special icing was included that incorporated pumpkin purée into its recipe. The company that distributes them has reportedly gone out of business, according to a current TJ’s employee, but that doesn’t soften the blow for pumpkin roll lovers.

TJ customers are devastated after company discontinues pumpkin rolls

Many customers took to Reddit and to X, formerly known as Twitter, to commiserate together over the loss of the pumpkin rolls. “Just found out the pumpkin cinnamon rolls at Trader Joe’s were discontinued,” one fan posted on X. “I hate this world.”


“Noooooooooo I lived for these every September,” a user posted on Reddit.


“NOOOOOOOO. I am devastated!” another fan posted. “I look forward to these every year!”


Another customer commented, “Nooooo. They were the best cinnamon rolls,” and another added, “I was really looking forward to them this year.”


If it’s any consolation, some users posted alternatives to the delicious pumpkin rolls. “Whole Foods will carry their pumpkin cinnamon rolls and sometimes smaller organic grocery stores carry their brands too,” one user wrote on Reddit.


“Cinnamon rolls are really fun to make homemade!” another optimistic fan posted.


One customer suggested using another TJ’s product to recreate the rolls: “An alternative could be making regular cinnamon rolls and using the pumpkin cream cheese to make a cream cheese frosting.”