Tracee Ellis Ross's Super-Long Braid Has a Mind of Its Own

When it comes to hair extensions, I've heard all of the pros and cons, the latter including expense and maintenance. But it wasn't until I saw Tracee Ellis Ross having a modeling moment with a super-long braid that I realized you might also momentarily forget you're wearing extensions and think you're under attack.

Ross exhibited one of the pros of hair extensions — looking outrageously gorgeous — in a carousel of photos she posted to Instagram on Thursday, September 14. She's wearing an all-yellow ensemble — sleeveless maxi dress, sweater tied at the waist, and point heels — and she's even singing a catchy tune she made up on the spot, the relatable lyrics of which are, "I'm a working girl with elbows and sneakers." Last-minute song of the summer? I think so.

But while I'll remember that ditty for a while (it's been stuck in my head for an hour already), it seems Ross forgot that she was wearing a waist-length braid. In one of the clips of her modeling, she's encouraged to move around a bit, which leads to her slicked-back 'do whipping around like some kind of excitable snake.

"What's that?" Ross says, seeming suddenly concerned before realizing, "Oh, it's my braid. Don't worry about it." As she walks off-camera still shaking her head back and forth, she pleads with her hair to "stop it!"

Enjoying Tracee Ellis Ross and her content as much as I do, I have a feeling she was having flashbacks to the many caught-on-camera times that bugs got a little too close for comfort. If you haven't seen this incredible compilation, I highly recommend watching it immediately:

Thankfully, despite Ross briefly losing control of her braid, she emerged safe and stunning.

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