Pool's open! This toy set has over 30 pool games for $20

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A child with a number of multi-colored pool toys
This pool toy set is sure to impress. (Source: Amazon)

It’s that time of year again. The kids are getting out of school for the summer and you’re doing your best to find ways to keep them occupied. A great way to keep them active and away from screens all day is to take them to the pool.

But pool days can get exhausting for mom and dad. You load up the car and drag everyone into the pool only to have a hard time convincing them to ever leave. Not to mention the hours spent chasing after them and trying to keep them entertained. These diving toys make pool days a little less exhausting.

With these diving toys, you can still play with the kids without even have getting wet. So, you can relax in the sun while the kids have a splash.

These diving toys are an underwater world of fun for everyone

A number of multi-colored pool toys.
Grab these pool toys before they're gone. (Source: Amazon)

$19.99 at Amazon

These diving pool toys are going to be a total game-changer this summer.

This set includes:

  • Four fish-shaped diving rings

  • Five brightly colored diving sticks

  • Three diving fish that’ll swim away for an extra chase

  • Four torpedo sharks that’ll quickly dart away

  • Three sinking toys shaped like seaweed

  • Five pieces of pirate treasure

  • Eight sparkling gems

  • Two floating pufferfish

  • A mesh bag for storage

Each of these toys are brightly colored enough to find once thrown underwater. The fun shapes make for an amazing day filled with pretend play. Whether the kids want to be mermaids or pirates, these toys will make it way more immersive and fun all summer long.

This 33 piece set of pool toys is currently priced at just $19.99. For $20, you can get over 30 toys, each of which are sure to keep the kids active and entertained all summer long. Be sure to grab these pool day essentials before the summer really starts.