Tower Bridge 'stuck' open after 'mechanical fault' with roads left gridlocked

Jimmy Nsubuga
·1 min read
Tower Bridge failed to close (Picture: Twitter/@1scottishladdie)
Tower Bridge failed to close (Picture: Twitter/@1scottishladdie)

Traffic has come to a standstill in areas around Tower Bridge after it was left “stuck” open due to a “mechanical fault”.

People have been tweeting photos of the bridge with both arms still raised.

The arms had failed to lower at the same time leaving them in a precarious situation.

City of London Police confirmed the bridge was closed “due a mechanical fault”.

They wrote on Twitter: "Tower Bridge is currently closed to pedestrians and traffic, due a mechanical fault.

"Mechanics are currently working hard to fix the bridge. Please find alternative routes."

A Twitter user at the scene added: “So Tower Bridge is stuck open,”

Another person said: “So have been stood under a raised tower bridge for 15 mins now, hearing rumours it’s stuck.”

The bridge is slowly being lowered, according to witnesses.

Pedestrians and traffic have been unable to cross the bridge for one hour, the Evening Standard reported.