Behold: I Finally Found the Softest and Most Affordable Bath Towels

Angela Elias

Now that my linen closet is stacked to full capacity, it feels safe and only right to share details about the towels I no longer want to live without. Full disclosure: I was first turned onto Hotel Collection's Ultimate MicroCotton Bath Towels ($21, originally $36) through a PR pitch and had meager expectations, until I actually gave the free towel samples a try. Whoa.

From the first wash cycle to the first time I used them, I immediately noticed how much softer, fluffier, and more absorbent they were than any of the other towels I owned. After six months of heavy use and wash rotation - because who wants to use the crappy towels anymore? - I noticed another thing: they're remarkably resistant to mildewy funk. As someone making due in a tiny bathroom with limited ventilation and towel-hanging real estate, this was a problem for me - even with frequent laundering and vinegar cycles. These, however, are different.

The towels come in 17 shades, ranging from easy neutrals to pretty pastels and a handful of bold jewel tones. I've stocked up on vapor - a warm, pale gray that feels as versatile as white but doesn't show my makeup residue as easily. It's the lighter of the two gray options.

While the original price is $36 for a bath towel, you can score one for $21 on sale, which is what propelled me to finally stock up. Like sheets, buying high-quality towels at a price you can afford is an investment worth making. If you're looking for an affordable upgrade to your daily shower or bath routine, I highly recommend them.

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