Tourists Watch Hungry Lions Take Down Prey On African Road


The word “roadkill” took on a whole new meaning during a recent visit to Kruger National Park.

In the early hours of July 10, Carolyn Dunford was driving through the Orpen gate when she saw cars starting to slow down. That’s when she noticed two huge male lions walking along the road, marking their territory.

Out of nowhere, a large kudu bull appeared from the bushes. The first cat didn’t seem too interested in the potential prey, but the second lion assumed the hunting stance and prepared to pounce.


As the kudu sprung into the road, the lion chased it down and attacked it right in front of the cars full of tourists. That’s when the first lion got interested and came over to help.

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“The other lion grabbed its throat and then there was no escape.” Dunford wrote on Africa Geographic. “The kudu died quickly and there was little struggle once both lions had it.”

As the cars started to move away from the amazing scene, Dunford stayed behind.


“The males caught their breath and I was lucky to watch as the males began to feed,” she wrote. “ They ate on the road for around half an hour before dragging the kudu off into the bushes to continue their meal.”

Few us will ever have the chance to see wild animals in nature, and for Dunford, it’s a moment she’ll never forget.

“An opportunistic hunt like this is a once in a lifetime sighting.”

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