Touching Video Shows Little Boy With Down Syndrome Getting a Haircut

Parker Myles is a child with Down syndrome that often doesn't enjoy getting haircuts. (Photo: Kat Abianac)
Parker Myles is a child who often doesn’t enjoy getting haircuts. (Photo: Kat Abianac)

A charming video of a 3-year-old boy with Down syndrome getting his hair cut is melting hearts across the globe.

Little Parker Myles doesn’t normally enjoy going for a trim, but thanks to careful planning by his mother, Kat Abianac, this time it was different. The Australian boy sat peacefully in his chair during the quick cut while his mom recorded the whole thing.

She praised the staff at iBarber, the shop she visited in Brisbane, on Parker’s Facebook page. “Loving himself sick and getting in some mirror time while getting his new man style today at iBarber!” she wrote. “Love our local, the staff are always lovely and work fast to give him the best cut before he puts his cranky pants on. Not sponsored, they’re just awesome!”

Abianac also told the Irish Independent, “This was the first drama-free haircut we’ve had — ever! He loved it.” Giving haircuts to children with special needs can sometimes be difficult, as many of these children have unique sensory issues. In order for her son to be comfortable, Abianac prepared ahead of time. “I applied essential oils to his feet first to help him focus and made sure he had lots of YouTube videos to watch.”

Parker Myles had a great experience getting his new hair cut. (Photo: Kat Abianac)
Parker Myles had a great experience getting his new haircut. (Photo: Kat Abianac)

Parker enjoyed the haircut just as much as his mother and signed “thank you” to the barber when he was finished with the cut.

This isn’t the first time Abianac’s little boy has won over the Internet; Parker won the People’s Choice award for toddlers in the Bonds Baby Search 2016. He now has a 12-month modeling contract with the Australian brand Bonds.

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