We Totally Redecorated Our Brooklyn Apartment With These 35 Unique Pieces

Lisa Peterson

The first time I walked through my now-home, I was underwhelmed. Nearly every inch of the Brooklyn one-bedroom was painted a jarring shade of bright white (and I do mean every inch, including the bathroom's painted wall tiles), not to mention the cramped floor plan left a lot to be desired. My husband, on the other hand, saw the potential. With some convincing, lots of preplanning, the removal of one temporary wall, and a bit of trial and error, we've turned what was once a blank slate into a colorful nest. There are still a few items left on my home-decor wish list, but I'm thrilled with the results so far.

Ahead, I've broken down some of my favorite fun and functional pieces we've tracked down to fill our cozy New York apartment. From unique small-brand finds to affordable hidden gems from Target, there's a little something for every city dweller on this list.


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