Tortoises Have the Cutest Reactions to Being Sprayed With Water Hose

Shutterstock/Dr. Meet Poddar

Not every animal loves water, but for some tortoises, a spray from the water hose is a real treat.

When these tortoises started getting sprayed, they did the cutest, most funny thing: They started looking like they were dancing. They must have really liked the feeling of the water on their shells! They bounced up and down on their feet and looked like they were having a dance party together.

The tortoises are having the time of their lives in the hose water, but the one in the center really stole the show. He is getting down!

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While you can’t really see the tortoises’ faces, you can tell that they are all having a good time under the water. There’s no telling just how long they hung out there, but it was probably for a while.

The specific type of tortoise in the video is a radiated tortoise, a species that is native to Madagascar. These special tortoises can live up to 60-80 years in the care of humans. That is one amazing thing about these tortoises; they can be lifelong pets that transcend generations.

This adorable tortoise dance party is too cute for words! They just keep shaking it under the water and look like they’re really having a lot of fun. While these tortoises are born tiny, they have grown to a rather large size and look like they spend most of their time outdoors.

It’s great to see that these tortoises are living with companions to keep one another company. Three’s company here!

When they don’t get a lot of rain, their owner will spray them off with the hose. It is helping to keep them cool and hydrated at the same time.

These adorable tortoises are going to come running as fast as they can the next time they hear the hose starting to run. Their cool dance moves are just a bonus!

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