Our top USB-C hub from Totu is 33% off, bringing it down to an all-time low price

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The dramatic shift over the last decade toward thinner computers has been wonderful for laptop portability, but it hasn’t been so great for the number of ports these machines include. Our favorite USB-C hubs are tools for conveniently adding a host of extra ports and connections to your laptop whenever needed, and our favorite for 15-inch laptops is currently seeing a 33% discount at Amazon. Grab Totu’s 9-in-1 Triple Display USB-C Hub at an all-time low of $31 today.

Totu 9-in-1 Triple Display USB-C Hub
33% off


Gain extra display, USB and card connections in a slim, portable dock. This deal easily beats the Black Friday low price, so snag the tech essential today.

$31 at Amazon

Totu’s 9-in-1 Triple Display USB-C Hub offers enough extra ports that it can get a laptop with just one USB-C port nearly up to speed with small desktop computers. Over that single USB connection, the hub can offer up to three high-speed USB-A connections and slots for full-size SD and microSD cards.

The hub can also flex to fit several different display setups. It supports up to 4K video output and can even run three displays simultaneously. While HDMI is probably what you’ll use most, Totu’s hub also packs a VGA port that can come in handy if you have an older monitor available and need the extra screen space. Since the Totu hub also supports passthrough for up to 100W of power over USB-C, the hub can serve as a handy dock at home, letting you go fully portable on the go and turn your laptop into something of a desktop at home.

We thought the flexibility it adds was more than worth its modest asking price of $46, so this 33% discount just makes it all the more attractive.

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