8 retro toy gifts you'll love as much as your kids: from DC Comics action figures to Battleship

Korin Miller

It’s kind of a no-brainer when it comes to shopping for your kids: Toys are the way to go. But getting your little ones toys is a win-win for you too. You can create memories when you play together and, of course, you can have a little fun on your own with the new swag after your children go to bed.

Picking the right toy for your child from the sea of options can be a little daunting. Do you go with a classic toy that you loved as a kid or something trendy? And how do you even find the right one? Don’t stress — we’ve got you covered with these gift ideas. Some are collectables and others are new to the market. Either way, your kids will love them.

Mongoose Wildcard Bike

Got a BMX fan in your family? Prepare to completely blow their mind with this pro-style bike that has a sweet racer look. The bicycle is lightweight and durable, with four freestyle pegs that your child can use to land stunts. Whether your kid is new to the freestyle game or has been doing it for years, this is a perfect option.

Shop it: Mongoose Wildcard Bike, $115, ebay.com

Love to Hug Elmo

Little kids love doling out and receiving hugs, which is why Love to Hug Elmo is getting some early buzz with the pint-sized crew. This Elmo actually hugs your child back when its tummy is pressed, making it the perfect cuddle toy. It also responds to hugs by singing a song or giving out kisses.

Shop it: Love to Hug Elmo, $22, bestbuy.com

My Little Pony Retro Rainbow

Somewhere along the line, My Little Pony got a makeover. The newer versions have bigger heads and eyes but are still amazing. Give your child a taste of the nostalgic My Little Pony with this Retro Rainbow set. It features six different ponies that are 3 inches tall, each with its own unique look. Your pony fan will have a blast playing with each.

Shop it: My Little Pony Retro Rainbow, $25, ebay.com

Play-Doh Stamp ‘n Top Pizza Oven

There are so many elements to this Play-Doh set that make it epic. Your child will have a blast shaping their dough, “cooking” it in the oven, watching it spin out and adding all kinds of toppings. Watch them make “cheese” in the grinder, and see all the cool pizza combinations they come up with. The set also includes “recipes” you can try out together.

Shop it: Play-Doh Stamp ‘n Top Pizza Oven, $18, kohls.com

DC Comics Retro 18-Inch Action Figures

Retro action figures are huge right now and the odds are pretty high you played with these as a kid too. If your little one is obsessed with DC Comics and you want to get them something collectible, this is the gift for you. This rare set features 18-inch figures of Batman, Robin, Superman, Joker and the Riddler. And while the action figures are vintage, they’re actually brand new.

Shop it: DC Comics Retro 18-Inch Action Figures, $550, ebay.com

Battleship Game Retro Series

Once upon a time, Battleship was a game of skill and imagination. When you hit or sunk your opponent’s ship, you made your own cool noises. Let your child be part of the action with this Battleship set. Each kit is self-contained, so you can carry your entire fleet and pegs on the go.

Shop it: Battleship Game Retro Series, $20, ebay.com

HearthSong Land Roller

Action-loving kids will get a kick out of the Land Roller. This giant, rainbow-colored inflatable toy is basically like a human hamster wheel. Your kids will love cruising around outside, powered by their own hands and feet, or rolling along inside it. The Land Roller has a maximum weight of 200 pounds, so adults can also get their roll on.

Shop it: HearthSong Land Roller, $99, wayfair.com

MEGA Construx Pokemon Jumbo Pikachu

Pokemon is back in a huge way! Your miniature building brick-obsessed fan can build their own oversized Pikachu with this cool set. Once it’s completed, Pikachu has moveable arms, legs, ears and a tail, so you and your child can play with him.

Shop it: MEGA Construx Pokemon Jumbo Pikachu, $35, target.com

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