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Can't get rid of window condensation? Shoppers say this dehumidifier is a 'total game changer'

Top-rated dehumidifier to tackle damp and mould
Keep your windows free from condensation this winter with this Meaco dehumidifier. (John Lewis/ Meaco)

Dehumidifiers and air purifiers are popular appliances for removing mould, damp and dust from your home and condensation from your windows.

If you're unsure where to start when shopping for one, the Meaco Arete Dehumidifier & Air Purifier is one of the highest-rated models.

Quiet and efficient with rave reviews from shoppers, it's been lauded for its ability to remove condenstation by capturing water from the air in its 4.8-litre tank.

Perfect for this cold weather, and energy-efficient too, it costs just 7p an hour to run and will help stop mould and dust wreaking havoc.

Currently available to shop at John Lewis, we've recommend adding this to your online shopping basket ASAP.

Why we rate it

Designed to work most efficiently between 10 and 20 degrees, it's a perfect match for the temperamental British climate and will ensure you wake up to clear windows ever morning by extracting water into its extra-large tank.

When the thank is full, you can easily empty it, using the built-in carry handle too. Thanks to its HEPA filter, it can remove up to 99.5% of particles from the air year-round and the one-touch control panel is a breeze to navigate.

The popular dehumidifier has got rave reviews. (John Lewis/ Meaco)
The popular dehumidifier has got rave reviews. (John Lewis/ Meaco)
Its design is sleek so won't be overbearing in your kitchen or bedroom. (John Lewis/ Meaco)
Shoppers also say the night mode is very quiet. (John Lewis/ Meaco)

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It's also designed with a child lock feature to stop little ones accidentally changing the settings.

When the weather's cold and hanging clothes outside is not an option, this Meaco Arete Dehumidifier & Air Purifier will dry your clothes faster too. What more could you want?

What the reviews say

On John Lewis' website there's a whopping 125 five-star ratings for this Meaco Arete Dehumidifier & Air Purifier. Rated excellent for its quality, here's a snippet of what some customers said:

  • "Excellent dehumidifier and air purifier. Replaced an old one (different company) and been using it a short time, so far with good results. Room feels fresher and warmer. Can use as a dehumidifier only if you don't want to use the HEPA filters all the time, which is good. Pulls off a lot of water from the atmosphere, which is quite surprising. Flexible and easy to use settings for those with washing indoors to dry, a single room to dehumidify or a whole house! VERY pleased with my Meaco!"

  • "I have original windows in an end of terrace flat, with a huge problem of condensation on the windows. This dehumidifier has completely stopped the windows having water running down them every morning. So pleased with it."

  • "Excellent for removing condensation from windows and keeping walls dry. Used regularly during the recent cold snap. Have also used it to dry laundry on clothes drier by using laundry mode instead of tumble dryer."

  • "This is excellent at drying cloths using the drying cloths function. The humidity level can be set at different levels. Night mode is very quiet. Placing it in a central place like a landing or hallway with the doors open does seem to remove excess moisture from the whole house. (3 Bedroom). [sic] Nothing bad to say about it."

  • " The tank holds a lot of water which means it doesn't have to be emptied often, it is very quiet on the lowest setting so can left on overnight, the laundry function is brilliant and can have a load dry in 6 hours even with the heating turned off, and it has significantly helped with condensation on the single glazed windows in our Victorian house."

Buy it now: Meaco Arete Dehumidifier & Air Purifier, 20L | £259.99 from John Lewis

£259.99 at John Lewis £259.99 at Aircon Centre £259.99 at Meaco

Meaco also offers an energy-effecient dehumidifier and air purifier. It's the same size, a generous 20L, and also boasts five-star reviews from John Lewis customers.

Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifier & Air Purifier | £259.99 from John Lewis

£259.99 at John Lewis £268.95 £289.99 at Aircon Centre £259.99 at Meaco

Specifically designed to prevent condensation, mould or damp in three- to five-bedroom houses, it uses just 255 watts of power, without compromising on its effectiveness.

It's also made with a motorised rotating louvre to help dry washing faster, a large front loading water tank, two fan speeds, a variable humidistat, child lock and a digital display.

There are 160 five-star ratings of the appliance from John Lewis shoppers, with one saying,"The unit is very efficient – the instructions are clear and advise what settings to use for what spaces. The amount of water extracted has been extraordinary – and we can physically feel that the house is drier."

Another said,"Never thought we could be excited about a dehumidifier, but this product has delivered in terms of it being effective and helping start to take some of the damp from the air in our underground cellars. It is powerful and does the job... worth it!"

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