Top outrageous toddler moments on TikTok in 2021

Toddlers may be tiny, but they’ve got plenty of attitude! If you love funny, cute, and totally outrageous toddler videos, head over to TikTok!

Over the course of 2021, TikTok parents have managed to capture their toddlers doing some pretty unbelievable things.

Here are 10 of the most outrageous toddler moments on TikTok from 2021.

1. Toddler wrestles with dad


The people requested commentary. I give you commentary! Thanks to @trexx_65 for finding the perfect sound! #BiggerIsBetter @therock @wwe @randyorton

♬ original sound – Eidderfreddie

This talented toddler might just have a future as a professional wrestler! He puts his dad in a headlock, throws him to the floor, and then climbs up onto a dresser for a radical body slam.

2. Toddler tears up the slopes

Not only is this toddler a talented skier, but she sweetly coaches herself through each twist and turn on the ski slope! As the toddler skis downhill, she excitedly sings to herself about the fresh powder she’s skiing, then psychs herself up to navigate tricky turns and ridges.

3. Toddler impersonates whipped cream

This toddler wants her mom to share a bit of whipped cream, but there’s just one problem. She doesn’t know the word for “whipped cream!” But the clever toddler still manages to communicate with perfect clarity, by impersonating the sound whipped cream makes. The spot-on impression earned the adorable toddler several bites of whipped cream.

4. Toddler demands donuts

This determined toddler managed to drag her dad out of bed and get him to go on an early morning donut run with her! After a bit of cajoling, the bossy toddler gets her dad to take her to the donut shop and buy her a chocolate donut, proving that parents are no match for their kids’ cuteness.

5. Toddler is brutally honest


Well, that took a turn. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😂 #fyp #toddlersoftiktok

♬ original sound – Rachael

This toddler might not be “kind,” but she sure is truthful! When her mom asks her a series of questions, she answers “yes” to each one. She agrees that she is smart, strong, brave, and pretty, but when her mom asks, “Are you kind?” the hilariously honest toddler pauses for a moment, then replies, “Not really.”

6. Toddler tries and fails to jump

This adorable toddler was asked to jump by her doctor. Unfortunately, she just doesn’t know how! The toddler makes several valiant attempts at jumping into the air, but her feet never leave the floor.

7. Toddler turns up the drama after a minor injury

This toddler is sitting on the couch bravely nursing an eye injury when her parents hilariously point out that she actually injured the other eye! When they try to move her hand away from the uninjured eye to the injured one, the dramatic toddler resists.

8. Toddler exercises extreme caution on a glass bridge

This cautious toddler doesn’t quite trust his parents when they tell him he can walk across a glass bridge. After placing both feet on the glass surface and crawling backwards, the toddler decides that crossing the bridge isn’t worth the risk.

9. Toddler tries to go for a swim

This mischievous toddler is walking along a dock with his dad, when he decides he wants to jump into the water! Fortunately, his dad thwarts his plans and catches the aquatic toddler before he can crawl into the marina.

10. Toddler walks like his grandma

This toddler’s parents couldn’t figure out why he was walking with his hands behind his back. Then they discovered he was copying his grandma! They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s the case, this toddler’s impression certainly shows how much he loves his grandma!

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