PFT on Yahoo Sports: Top NFL MVP candidates through Week 4

Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio and NBC Sports' Peter King share their MVP candidates after Week 4 of the 2020 NFL season and debate whether one player is the clear favorite at this point in the year.

Video Transcript


MIKE FLORIO: "PFT" on Yahoo Sports. Peter King, Mike Florio talking about the big stories in the NFL. And look, one of the things that we pay attention to, Peter, all season long, MVP candidates. Who's in the mix? Who's in the running?

Well, we've got 25% of the season now played with the exception of the Titans-Steelers game. So let's go through our top three MVP candidates so far. I'll let you go first.

PETER KING: Well, Mike, here we are, the NFL, at the quarter pole. And as I look at this, I am absolutely shocked that there's a quarterback of a 4-0 team, who's played great, who has not thrown an interception, and is in one of the best four-game stretches of his career, has won an MVP, has won a Super Bowl MVP, and he's not in my top three. That's the insanity of all of this.

And you have to do so much nuance when you do the MVP. And the reason why I'm picking number one, Russell Wilson, number two, Aaron Rodgers, and number three, Josh Allen, there's a reason for that. And it has to do in part not only they're all 4-0, but I think they're all performing above the expectation that anybody would normally have for them.

Aaron Rodgers because of his-- you know, Robert Tonyan is his big star. You know, Russell Wilson because he has virtually played perfect football. His quarterback rating is about 9,000. He's completing 75%.

And Josh Allen is-- has become a complete quarterback before our very eyes. And so that would be my top three. But honestly, Mike, if you put those in any order or you put Patrick Mahomes in there, I'd be absolutely fine with it.

MIKE FLORIO: Yeah. I'm gonna go Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, and Aaron Rodgers. And, Peter, I'm influenced by a couple of things. We've talked in the past about how at the end of the day, at the end of the season, the teams that get the byes, those are the teams whose quarterbacks are going to attract more votes when it's time for the 50 human beings to cast their ballots. And they're gonna be influenced by that.

Who's the 1-seed in the AFC? I think the Chiefs have a better chance of being the 1-seed than the Bills. That's why Mahomes is my guy.

And in the NFC, I look at the Seahawks and the Packers. One of those two teams is gonna be the 1-seed. One of those two quarterbacks is gonna be the MVP candidate. It's that simple.

And Mahomes has that name recognition. Mahomes has that sizzle. Mahomes is the guy right now. And it's just his mere presence that makes a team better.

Even if Josh Allen has better stats at the end of the day, the fact that Mahomes has been an NFL regular season MVP, a Super Bowl MVP, that's gonna win him votes from the 50 people who are gonna have to decide, who are we gonna put at the ballot? And I-- it still-- pet peeves beyond the use of quarter pole-- pet peeve for me, the fact that it's one person, one vote for this. It needs to be like the Heisman, first place, second place, third place.

PETER KING: It's preposterous. I would agree. But-- but I'll-- I'll tell you this, Mike, you know, I hope that if I ever include the factors sizzle or star power when I consider who I'm voting for MVP--

MIKE FLORIO: I'm not saying you would.

PETER KING: --please throw me off the committee. I'm not saying-- I'm not saying you're saying. I'm saying that that never-- I've never heard anybody say, well, geez. A lot of sizzle with Patrick Mahomes.


PETER KING: And if anybody does say that, they need to be thrown off.

MIKE FLORIO: I-- I-- I'm trying to anticipate the behavior of the collective group of 50. And I know-- and I'm not gonna name names-- there are people on that committee who shouldn't be. And so I'm trying to factor that into this as we're tabulating these votes. One person, one vote.

And somebody's gonna be influenced by factors they shouldn't be influenced by. That's my point. That's how I'm handicapping this.

This isn't-- this isn't anything that's ever gonna be decided objectively. It's always going to be subjective. And you have to-- it's just like when you go to court, you gotta know the judge, you gotta know the jury.

You gotta know the 50, and you gotta understand how they operate. You wouldn't do it. Others would. That's why it's a factor for me.

PETER KING: The fact that there's only one bye team now-- I'm not voting for the best player on a bye team. I mean, he's got a good chance to win it. But this may be the year for the first year in a while that I split my vote with two quarterbacks at the top.

MIKE FLORIO: He's Peter King. I'm Mike Florio. We'll see you next time for more "PFT" on Yahoo.