For A Top Of The Line Cheese Board, Look No Further Than Wisconsin

cheese board with various cheeses
cheese board with various cheeses - Jupiterimages/Getty Images

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No matter what anyone tells you, America is fantastic at cheese. Sure, "American" cheese may be basically processed plastic (although even then, it has its uses due to its high melt point, such as on burgers and in blends), but America produces plenty of cheese beyond just Kraft singles. The numbers back this up: the U.S. typically does extremely well at international cheese competitions, proving that just because we haven't been in the cheese game as long as the big names in cheese like Switzerland and Italy, it doesn't mean we don't know our cheeses.

There are a lot of U.S. states, meanwhile, that are great for cheese. Vermont is known for Cabot cheddars and rich blue cheeses, while New York, Pennsylvania, and Idaho are all in the top tier. But there's one state that shines above them all: Wisconsin. If you're looking to create a great cheese board at home, and you want to keep things American-made, chances are you're going to be relying on product from the state that has made cheese an integral part of its identity.

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Wisconsin Has Cheese Regulations That Put The Rest Of The Country To Shame

Packers fan with cheese hat
Packers fan with cheese hat - Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

While there are plenty of other states that make great cheeses, none come close to Wisconsin. This is a state so obsessed with cheese that fans of the state's pro football team, the Green Bay Packers, wear hats made to look like cheese despite it otherwise having zero connection to the team's nickname ("Packers" refers to the meat packing industry). Their official nickname may be the Badger State, but they've also been using promotional materials since the 1940s calling themselves "America's Dairyland."

But it's not just a matter of identity -- Wisconsin is also globally recognized. On the international stage, one can in fact earn the title of Master Cheesemaker, though it might take up to 15 years. The practice came from Switzerland, which is where everyone goes to attain it ... unless they want to go to Wisconsin instead. That's right: Wisconsin is the only place considered good enough at cheese by the Swiss themselves that you can gain what is effectively PhD in cheese outside their borders.

Wisconsin Has Tons Of Different Affordable Cheeses

cheddar on board
cheddar on board - barmalini/Shutterstock

The way this applies to your cheeseboard is three-fold: variety, quality, and affordability. Wisconsin is most famous for cheddar, but they make pretty much everything -- gruyere, parmesan, blue, mozzarella, name a cheese and Wisconsin is proud of their output. So if you're putting together an entirely Wisconsin-based cheese board, you're not limited by type. And you already know it'll be quality.

But it's not just that it's good and varied; really great Wisconsin cheeses don't have to be expensive. There are numerous well-regarded Wisconsin cheese shops that won't break your wallet during a shopping trip. You can also easily order them online; Wisconsin as a state has a vested interest in maintaining its reputation by spreading its cheese gospel far and wide.

So next time you really want to create a cheese board that blows away your guests, think of Wisconsin first, last, and always. They're the first name in U.S. cheese for a reason.

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