From Elizabeth Hurley to Halle Berry, celebrities over 50 rock the hottest bikinis

Celebrities from Elizabeth Hurley, 53, to Halle Berry, 52, have been defying age with their sexy bikini photos. This trend stands for celebs in their 40s too, like Jennifer Lopez and Angie Harmon, who recently marked their birthdays with gorgeous bikini looks. Hallelujah — the rule about bikinis being for young women appears to be fading fast.

Yahoo Lifestyle sat down with Sports Illustrated models Hunter McGrady, Olivia Culpo, and Brenna Huckaby to discuss the topic during Paraiso‘s Miami Swim Week. Can they, for example, imagine wearing bikinis at 50?

“Absolutely. A hundred percent. I think that nothing is more empowering,” McGrady said. “I was actually at the beach the other day, yesterday here in Miami, and I saw so many older women in their bikinis, and they were just living their best life. … Society tries to brainwash us into believing you can’t look a certain way, you can’t be in a bikini if you’re older. Who said this? Who’s pushing this on us? It’s such BS. So, absolutely, I will be in a bikini when I’m 50.”

Culpo added, “Definitely. I hope that I will be. I think it’s so nice when you see older women or any woman … somebody [who is] confident and loving themselves and putting effort toward the way that they look, and I feel like it’s a way of speaking to yourself. It’s a way of telling yourself, ‘I love you. I love myself.’ I love when I see older women wearing whatever they want.”

Huckaby also wants to rock a bikini for many years to come. “Oh, I hope so! I really do, because I think, you know, with loving yourself, youth is temporary. And you’re still yourself when you’re older. You’re just an older version of yourself,” she said. “Your love for yourself shouldn’t go away. So I freaking love the fact that women are coming out with their wrinkles … because you’re gorgeous. I love it. I’m all about it — 100 percent.”

Ahead, take a look back at the top nine best bikini looks from age-defying beauties.

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