Top 5 Shoes to Hoop in | Dunk Bait

LaJethro Jenkins breaks down the top 5 shoes he Hoops in.

Video Transcript

LAJETHRO JENKINS: What's up? I'm LaJethro Jenkins. And I'm doing the top five shoes I've ever hooped in my life. What the-- what background is this? Number 5, Olive 9s. Not even close to top five. They're actually probably the worst shoe I've ever hoped in, but I've just always seen cool people in Olive 9s. I've never seen a lame in Olive 9s.

Air Max Uptempo, number 4 gave Mr. Perkins' staff 20 of them things, and he's in a student faculty game. You feel me? Hit him with uhh! And uhh! You know what I'm saying? He couldn't hold your boy! You feel me?

Number 3, Kobe 7 Christmas joints. Why did I hoop in these? I can't believe I hooped in these. Probably one of the dumbest decisions I've made in my life. Why did I hoop in these?

KD 6 Energy, tore my patella tendon in these. Probably shouldn't hoop in these, but I had to code the shoes in the ER that night. You feel me?

Number 1, Concord 11s. MJ, Allen Iverson Georgetown. You feel me? You maybe wonder why I didn't pick any new stuff. Because I don't hoop anymore. I tore my patella tendon. But they're trash! All the new stuff is trash!