The Top 5 Outdoor Design Trends of 2023, According to the Experts

From edible landscapes to meandering garden paths, here's how to decorate your outdoor space.

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While it’s not quite summer yet, spring is getting closer. The frost is melting away and we’re excited to start enjoying the outdoors again. However, after a long winter, our backyards and other outdoor spaces might look a little worse for the wear. Fortunately, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how to elevate and use these spaces. Whether it's a major landscaping change, planting something new, or swapping out old patio furniture—it’s time to start fresh. Here are five outdoor design trends to try this year, according to the pros.

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Edible Landscapes

One trend HGTV star and interior designer Shay Holland has seen her clients ask for is edible landscapes. “I love this trend because it reminds me of how we lived where I grew up. We would pick blackberries all summer long (and eat them straight out of the basket half the time), toss ripened tomatoes from the neighbor’s garden into a salad, and for special occasions, sugar-frost flower petals for tasty cake topping,” she explains.

Holland says that edible landscapes don't just create extra food, but they also cultivate joy and a sense of accomplishment. “Whether it’s a collection of gorgeous herb pots, raised vegetable beds on a rooftop, or vertical plantings on a wall, people are getting back in touch with nature—and maybe even beating grocery store inflation.”

Curved Furniture

From sofas to chairs and even tables, curved furniture has been a major interior design trend in recent years. It’s fresh, modern, and visually interesting. Now, this look has made its way to outdoor furniture, Kate Anne Gross of Kate Anne Designs says. “We love using curved back chairs for outdoor dining and entertaining. Not only are they easier to walk around, but they soften the overall look of the space and add interest to a hard line of a yard," she explains.

Meandering Garden Pathways

Gross is also gearing up for meandering garden pathways to be big in 2023. This not only brings on the charm, but it can make any garden or backyard feel truly unique. “Pathways allow you to explore your garden through a different lens and soften the space, while also making it interesting and beautiful," she says.

Layered Lighting

Having proper lighting makes your backyard, porch, or patio a more comfortable place to be for dinner parties or impromptu late-night drinks. Lights also make larger spaces safer, especially for kids. “Back, up, down, string, and floodlighting give a high-end, tiered look. It also adds a beautiful evening glow while the rest of the garden isn't able to be in full view,” Gross explains. String lights are also incredibly inexpensive and easy to install yourself.

Outdoor "Rooms"

Gross likes to create “rooms” within a yard where kids can play. “We like to create moments throughout a property where each area is functional, stylish, and curated. We spend the initial part of our design process listening to the client's needs, concerns, and how they see themselves using the yard regularly,” she says. If you have a larger outdoor space, divide the yard into zones dedicated for different activities or purposes, such as outdoor entertaining or an area for the kids to play.

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