20 Nastiest Things People Have Tweeted to Airlines This Month

A popular segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” is “Mean Tweets,” where celebrities read nasty things posted about them on social media. Turns out, someone could easily do a “Mean Tweets” segment with airlines. Every day, airline Twitter accounts are bombarded by travelers lashing out over delayed/canceled flights, rude agents, lost luggage, cramped seats and other inconveniences of modern air travel.

Last week some Southwest Airlines employees reportedly lashed back, allegedly threatening to pull a Minneapolis man off his flight unless he deleted a complaint he’d just posted on Twitter. The story made international headlines. But anyone who thought that incident would make people tone down their anti-airlines tweets was as mistaken as a passenger who thinks he can sneak in an extra carry-on.

In the days since that story broke, we’ve seen tweets that make that man’s anti-Southwest rant seem like a love note. Some made us laugh. Others made us flinch at the depths of roiling vitriol some are able to convey in only 140-characters.

Here are 20 of the nastiest things people have said to airlines on Twitter.