Visit If You Dare! The Most Terrifying Haunted Houses in America

Let’s admit it: most of us are too old for trick-or-treating. And those lingerie shows that masquerade as Halloween parties these days can get a little old. So what’s a grown-up who wants to have a real, genuinely scary Halloween supposed to do? You hit a haunted house, that’s what!

FANGORIA magazine has officially unveiled its list of 2014’s Scariest Haunted Houses and Attractions. Trust us, the 10 haunted houses that made the list will do more than just leap out at you and say, “Boo!’” We’re talking multi-sensory, better-change-your-underwear experiences.

“The days of some guy chasing you in the dark are over,” FANGORIA editor-in-chief Chris Alexander tells Yahoo Travel about these modern-day living fright fests. “This has become a real art form. With advances in special effects technology, the illusion has really ratcheted to where people are expecting something bigger.”

So what does a haunted house (or “haunt,” as Alexander affectionately calls them) have to do to be considered one of the best in the country? “We went for the ones that don’t mess around when it comes to production value,” he says. “We’re looking for the most memorable experience — the kind of haunt where you walk away and it’s permanently branded upon your brain.” (We assume Alexander meant the “branded upon your brain” part figuratively, not literally. But who knows with these super-scary haunts?)

So here are FANGORIA’S Top 10 Scariest Haunted Houses and Attractions. Travel to one this Halloween… IF YOU DARE!!! [Cue scary music and spooky laugh]: