10 Weird and Surprising Things You Probably Didn't Know About Summer Road Trips

Nothing says summer like jumping in the car with your friends or family, rolling down the windows, popping the top (if you can), and cruising to your fun destination: the beach, a summer house, the woods, your favorite fishing hole or, if you’re like the “Big Bang Theory" boys, the annual comic book convention. And although the season’s more than halfway over, people are still taking advantage of the warm weather to head to parts known and unknown for some fun.

But what do summer road trips and road trippers look like? Some travel-related companies have been taking polls and surveys — some scientific, some not so much — to develop a profile of the average summer road tripper. These surveys have unearthed some quirky facts about who’s hitting the road, who’s riding shotgun, where they’re going, and even what road games they’re playing (Hint: if your arm is sore after a road trip, blame Volkswagen).

Here are our favorite facts about warm weather road trippers: