The Tooth Fairy's Been Impacted by Inflation Too! You Won't Believe the Average Value of a Tooth in 2023

Parents of young kids, we sympathize with you.

When I was growing up, it was a big win to get a dollar under my pillow when I lost a tooth. However, in 2023, children are largely receiving much more money for their lost teeth. So, what's the average value of a single tooth these days? (Brace yourselves, moms and dads.)

It's one of those classic traditions that seem to have been going on, well, forever—when kids lose a tooth, they put it under their pillow that night, and when they wake up in the morning, the Tooth Fairy has replaced said tooth with money.

But each year, the value of these lost teeth keeps rising. I'll try to avoid continuing to use the cynical "back in my day" comments, but you'll likely be surprised by the 2023 value as well.

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What's the average value of a single lost tooth in 2023?

Delta Dental's 2023 Original Tooth Fairy Poll has revealed that the average value of a lost tooth this year is $6.23. Last year, the average was $5.36 per tooth.

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How has inflation impacted the Tooth Fairy?

According to Delta Dental, "Since the poll’s inception [25 years ago], the average cash gift left by the Tooth Fairy has surged 379% from $1.30 to $6.23 per tooth. At this rate, in 2048, the Tooth Fairy would be leaving a whopping $30 under the pillow for a single tooth."

Based on the 2023 poll, southern states actually spend the most on lost teeth—with the tooth fairy leaving, on average, $6.59 per tooth in that region.

Meanwhile, the Midwest trails behind with an average of $5.63 per tooth.

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What countries believe in the Tooth Fairy?

The United States, Canada, England, Denmark and Australia believe in the Tooth Fairy.

Other countries follow different unique traditions including throwing the lost teeth off of roofs for good luck, replacing the Tooth Fairy with a mouse, leaving a tooth in a glass of water overnight and more.

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