I Took the Risk of Buying These Amazon Fashion Items—Here Are My Honest Reviews

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One sleepless night about a month ago, I did what any person would do when they're up later than they should with a smartphone in hand: I opened up my Amazon app and went to scrolling. This time, though, I wasn't shopping around aimlessly for things I didn't need. With a few get-togethers on my social calendar, I immediately started looking for affordable going-out tops that felt special enough for a night out with friends. After settling on a few picks, I headed for the swimwear section in search of trendy bikinis that could finally bring some life into my lackluster lineup of swimsuits. Before I actually fell asleep, I had a whole cart full of sunglasses and sandals to boot.

As great as two-day shipping and a vast amount of options can be, experienced shoppers know that buying clothes on Amazon can be hit or miss. Sometimes, you luck out with a trove of reviews to reference, but other times, you're left to take the risk and try things out for yourself. With the exception of a few items, everything I ended up buying didn't have much of an endorsement. But that's the thrill of shopping, right? As a market editor, I take trial and error in stride, so I didn't mind clicking buy for a little fashion experiment. Keep scrolling to read my honest reviews and to see which items were hits and which, according to me, missed the mark.

Freckles Mark Aviators

My sunglasses collection is practically bursting at the seams right now, but before you pass judgment, I had good reason to buy these: I don't already own a pair like them, and versions of these thick-framed, colored-lens aviators have littered my Instagram feed since January. Oh, did I mention they are less than $20? Overall, there really isn't a con to these sunglasses. Since getting these trendy aviators, I have worn them nonstop.

Rating: 5/5

Freckles Mark Large Squared Aviators in Tinted Yellow ($15)

Freckles Mark Large Squared Aviators in Brown ($15)

Modegal Boned Mesh Corset

Part of the reason for my late-night Amazon buying binge was to find a suitable going-out top for my nights out ahead. I've had my eyes on a corset top for a while now, but could never bring myself to pay for the $200 plus they usually go for. This one had rave reviews and as I later found out has gone viral on Tik Tok. Fortunately, the hype is warranted. The boning feels supportive yet not too restrictive and the material feels substantial. I later compared it to another more expensive corset top, and it was virtually identical in construction and fit. I'm already plotting on the other colors.

Rating: 5/5

Modegal Boned Mesh Corset ($26)

Modegal Boned Mesh Corset ($26)

Modegal Boned Mesh Corset ($26)

Wrangler Wrancher Dress Jean

Technically a men's pants, these cowboy "dress jeans" have a reputation among editors as one of those word-of-mouth hidden gems. After first hearing about these through my fashion friends, Vogue editor Liana Satenstein's rave review prompted me to finally push the trigger. As someone who's a relative stranger to men's sizing, I ended up ordering five different sizes until I settled on a decent fit. Gleaning from the reviews I already figured I had to size up but didn't expect the tireless amount of trial and error. Pro-tip: you'll want to size up 2-3 times your normal corresponding size. I desperately wanted to love these, but ultimately the fit just didn't do it for me. The waist was entirely too big to fix with even a little styling magic, and the silhouette clearly wasn't designed with curves in mind. Some pros: I do love the anti-wrinkle material and the pleated look—it looked pretty polished and dare I say, The Row-esque? I'm tempted to take these to a tailor to see if I can get them taken in to match my measurements.

Rating: 2/5

Wrangler Wrancher Dress Jean in Birch ($18)

Wrangler Wrancher Dress Jean in Black ($18)

Wrangler Wrancher Dress Jean in Brown ($18)

Soly Hux 3-Piece Swimsuit

If you're an avid reader of Who What Wear, you know we rave about Soly Hux's trendy, affordable bikinis. This one hit right on the three-piece swimsuit trend we've been seeing everywhere, but at a price that's decently less than similar designer versions. What really sold this suit for me was the expensive-looking printed: I could easily imagine seeing something like this at a Net-a-Porter or Shopbop. After giving this a thorough wear test, I was pleasantly surprised by the material—it didn't feel thin or flimsy. Like other Amazon reviewers pointed out, one huge thing to consider is that this bikini runs small. Specifically, the cups were way smaller than expected, so if you're busty, you may want to size up or skip this one entirely. If you do purchase this, I found that after removing the molded cups, I had more coverage.

Rating: 3/5

Soly Hux Wrap Bikini w/ Mesh Sarong in Multi Pink ($26)

Soly Hux Wrap Bikini w/ Mesh Sarong in Multi Green ($26)

Soly Hux Wrap Bikini w/ Mesh Sarong in Multi Yellow ($26)

Mosanana Tracer Sunglasses

I did tell you that I have an unhealthy obsession with sunglasses. I couldn't help myself and added these to my cart after spotting the similarities to a Versace pair I've had on my wishlist for forever. The packaging was unexpectedly luxe, and the frames themselves felt weighty despite the price.

Rating: 4/5

Mosanana Tracer Sunglasses in Black ($14)

Mosanana Tracer Sunglasses in Tortoise ($14)

Wskeisp Square Toe Mules

My first impressions upon trying these on— they're surprisingly wide foot-friendly and could easily pass as a shoe I'd expect to pay three times for. Next, I immediately added two more colors to my cart (yes, I was that excited). These are easily one of my favorite purchases of the lot, and a certified hit as far as I'm concerned. From the square toe to the flared heel and croc-embossed print, all of the details make this shoe feel so elevated. Most of all this sandal was extremely comfy even after walking dozens of blocks on uneven concrete.

Rating: 5/5

Wskeisp Square Toe Mules in Black ($40)

Wskeisp Square Toe Mules in Red ($40)

Wskeisp Square Toe Mules in Rose Red ($40)

Wskeisp Square Toe Mules in Yellow ($40)

Tob Criss Cross Lace Up Crop Top

Another summery going-out top I couldn't resist buying. Since midriff floss tops are all the rage, I decided to try the trend for myself without the heavy investment. I love that it's adjustable, meaning you can maneuver the straps in a number of ways. Be forewarned though that it's definitely low cut.

Rating: 4/5

Tob Criss Cross Lace Up Crop Top in Black ($17)

Tob Criss Cross Lace Up Crop Top in White ($17)

Tob Criss Cross Lace Up Crop Top in Khaki ($17)

Tob Criss Cross Lace Up Crop Top in Lavendar ($17)

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